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The tentative release date for the open beta is set for april, this will be an open beta release, players are encouraged to test the game and leave feedback along with game replays and detailed posts of any errors they encounter so i can debug any potential coding errors.

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1. All guns have realistic penetration values. The KwK43 88mm on the Jagdpanther, Tiger II and other tanks are going to have historical penetration values for armor in mm with modifiers for penetration being penalized [-] the greater the distance projectile travels to hit a target. On the lower end, the KwK38 20mm on the SdKfz 234/1 and SdKfz 222 have lower chances of penetrating tank armor than higher caliber ATG’s except from the rear or when firing from shorter ranges where bonus[+] modifiers will be applied to penetration values. All tanks will also require changes to their statistics which will rectify game imbalance issues. Turret slew, rotation rate, and vehicle turning speed will be changed. While enhancing the disabling effect of anti-tank weapons such as critical damage effects for these respective weapons, as well as the type of combination effects against them to create a more dynamic game feel.

2. All tank guns have their damage brought closer to historical values. The penetration values for all ATGs will be modeled from historic data, also damage will be modeled using the listed penetration for each ATG weapons respective projectile type for maximum realism. So the penetration values from smaller caliber projectiles will have less penetration at the same range as larger caliber projectiles but will still do significant damage if penetration does occur thus even damage sustained from smaller caliber ATGs will not be negligible.

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