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Thank you for your suggestions I always appreciate helpful comments and constructive suggestions so your input will always be appreciated, to clarify some of the unit formations and values will require some explanation about how Enhanced Combat Leader implements command and control at the squad level through the integration of unit command personalities who augment the squads by enhancing their stats and enabling special abilities.

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You begin the game with 500 Manpower, 50 Munitions, and 50 Fuel as resources. At any one time you can only have up to 1500 Population worth of unit’s active at one time (A squad of 1 man or 12 men still counts as its full cost for this calculation). Players use Manpower to buy units but all unit costs have been changed to fit into the new system (i.e. some have been reduced others have been increased). Unit upkeep will be increased, so that the closer you are to the 1500 Population limit, the less resources income is received to purchase additional units. This rectifies the problem with generating excessive surplus resources and places greater emphasis on territorial control. Resource income from territory will be enough to offset upkeep. Munitions and Fuel income will also be subject to upkeep but will be calculated as a rational value {upkeep modifier [+]} to place an incentive on capturing territory.

There are requirements that effect how the core elements of your companies are made available for purchase. A nominal strength company is compromised of a Company Headquarters Platoon consisting of 2 or 3 Command Squads each with 6 to 12 men (restricted by the company type selected by the player) from this minimum core of units players form the nucleus of their companies combat forces expanding the size of each force to field support gun teams, basic transports, and other assets. If you want to field heavier assets like armor, you'll need to need to select the appropriate command menu options that meet the requirements necessary to bring your infantry company up to moderate strength and enable the availability of these additional assets for deployment. Players expand the core elements of their companies through the purchase of infantry squads which initially are nominally equipped and must be upgraded as the game progresses if a player sustains losses through combat it will be necessary to bring in more assets to replace casualties.

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