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Enhanced Combat Leader is a modification that will appeal to players who like historical accuracy, realism, and a tactical-level wargame that simulates the actions of approximately company or battalion sized formations in World War II. It is a detailed game system that will feature a campaign game module (after the first release).

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Historical accuracy - Doctrine is guided by strategic analyses, Military planners actively shape the viability and effectiveness of a military institution they and their decisions are directly responsible for the strength and weaknesses of a military/industrial complex and guide its development each step of the way. These leaders shape the institutional mentality of their forces and gain influence through reputation to affect innovations or other subtle changes. If a doctrine is flawed or half-heartedly implemented; the experiences gained will be hard won through costly attrition of forces against decisive counter-attacks and overwhelming defenses. Through massive assaults and rigid defenses high casualties develop; and although success is achieved eventually it leaves your forces shattered and barely combat effective.

Military Command and Control - This aspect of doctrine analyses the strengths and weakness your Command and Control Hierarchy and its ability adapt to effectively to the influence of tactical innovations in a changing battlefield environment. The Enhanced Combat Leader method of play uses command personalities for squads these special characters within the squad give the squads access to a wide range of abilities, equipment upgrades, and provide combat modifiers which affect their unit’s combat effectiveness.

Tables of Equipment & Organization - Historical tables of equipment & organization will provide detailed listings of the units weapons load outs to enhance realism and create an immersive experience, providing players with multiple game upgrade options that are both historically accurate and dynamic, impacting the combat effectiveness of the squads. the Enhanced Combat Leader weapon damage model has changed to the way weapon damage is handled in Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts these enhancements directly affect the game mechanics of combat to provide greater realism and a better game experience

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