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update#1 gameplay mechanics and the changes made for rebalancing the game experience.

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1. There will still be logistical buildings. The starting Headquarters will continue to serve a purpose, you still need build to infrastructure such as Barracks, Tank Depots, Kampfkraft centers, or any other base building.
2. All units arrive from off the map.
Nothing is built on the map, but is requisitioned from the appropriate structure and enters the game from the starting entrance road in your territory.
3. You buy upgrades for your force.
However there is an expansion to the upgrade progression tree which unlocks abilities and units this will change the progression of how old Company of Heroes abilities like "Escalate to Skirmish" unlock abilities and additional unit upgrades, which preserves the need to build structures such as Supply Depots (which will still be necessary in order to unlock units and additional formations.) but there are imposed limits preventing you from deploying powerful units initially, as well as cost and hard cap limits that all units have. In addition to these major points, there are a few more game play changes.
4. You cannot build a single unit endlessly.
There is a hard limit on the number of any particular unit that can be deployed during a game, and this limit varies depending on the company the player chooses (More on that in the other updates). This represents the reality that there is no infinite reserve of anything in an army.
5. Off-Screen artillery can target enemy troops and hardened positions. The way Artillery is handled has been modified to work through special observers that direct artillery units to barrage the targeted area. If the observers can't see the target, the artillery can't fire on it. The observer's ability to call in an artillery strike has been modified, and special abilities that make all artillery of the specified type to fire on the enemy (Similar to Victor Targeter) have been added to both the axis and the allies.
6. Infantry and weapon teams automatically conceal themselves when in cover.
Infantry in light cover or better automatically disappear from view until you get within a certain distance of available cover, allowing them to sneak around the battlefield and ambush enemies but units do not retain this ability to remain concealed when in the open.

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