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Article describes new features of 'trigger_teleport' entity that can be used for enlarging ingame map dimensions

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We have added 'Don't reset view angle/speed' flag to 'trigger_teleport' entity. This feature can be used for enlarging ingame space. We have used it when built very long vent pipe and metro tunnel. While passing it looks like... nothing. You see no perceptible changes. But in map file it is three or four pipes placed close to each other. Like this:

Sample 1

Sample 2

Triggers on ends of segments placed in this way: the end of first segment looks like this:

Sample 3

There are 52 map points between center of info_teleport_destination and nearest point of trigger_teleport.

The start of second segment looks like this:

Sample 4

As you know, the trigger_teleport entity teleports player exactly to a center of info_teleport_destination entity (not as it is in case of trigger_changelevel and info_landmark). And it is necessary that point of i_t_d and point of player's approximate location without using this scheme will be coincide. The simplest way to do this is to keep player from 'going aside'. Thats why map geometry near from teleport must be (it is recommended) 'narrow'.

You can simplify your work if your plot allows you to close back way. Just keep the distance between entities. Place both of them (with correct distance) in both of copies of 'transit rooms' and remove unnecessary ones.

Anyway, now we can make something like this:

Except for 'narrow' level desing, it can be useful, we think.

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