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Source code for the engine and for clanDUMB released, this would allow Mac and Linux users to build their versions.

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Some fan of the game unfortunately only owns a Mac... And he kept bugging me for the source, and I forgetting to hand him...

That is no more!

Mac and Linux fans, rejoice! Although I don't own a Mac, and don't know how to make Linux packages, you can now build your version of the engine!

Basically, download the game from here, and unpack somewhere...
Then compile the sources, put the binary in the game folder (there you will find a "game.exe" binary already), and it will run (if all libraries are installed correctly, of course...)

The link for the source is this one:

Also you will need "clanDUMB", a library that I made to allow you to use "DUMB" with ClanLIB. (yes, all users of ClanLIB, now you are free from mikmod!!!), mind you, that it is really "prototype-ish", it is not extensively tested, the copyright stuff in the files is wrong (result of copy and pasting around), and some features I don't implemented at all (like music position change).

Link to clanDUMB source:

If for whatever reason you people decide to improve any of those codes, feel free to do so, specially clanDUMB... Mind you that Novashell development is not a bit messy, Seth stopped developing it, and thus the person that is making most code is me, this file is the first public file with my changes, so this file IS the lastest version of Novashell, but IT IS NOT official, because I don't sent a patch yet to Seth patch the SVN.

Also my changes have no proper documentation except some comments, and not everything is commented... So if you want to make a game using my version of Novashell, you are free to do so, but you will need to contact me and Seth a lot to ask questions, because the manual is a bit outdated. (btw: if someone want to volunteer to improve that manual, I would LOVE, Seth would probably like it too)

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