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Just a quick update regarding the changed made to the Clockwork game engine since its initial concept.

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What has been the priority in the past few week?

In the past few weeks I have focused on redesigning the layout of Clockwork. Whilst doing this I found allot of flaws in the old design of the engine, such as difficult for 3rd party integration with the core systems. The engine was also limited to OpenGL 3.3, this was a major floor in the engine in my eyes as it is them limited to PC hardware. Another major floor was the difficulty of development within the engine, this was caused by a lack of documentation and poor organisation.

What has been done to fix these issues?

The first major addition change to the engine came in its layout. The engine is now layered. There are now 3 core layers (Utilities, Core, Engine) these core layers will be required to run the final game. The core layers will provide the engine with its main functionality. Along side the core layers will be plugin layers, these will include the rendering systems and other useful features. At least 1 rendering system must be used along side the core.

The second change is the introduction of multiple rendering systems such as DirectX 9 & 11 and also OpenGL 4.3. There are also plans to implement DirectX12 and Vulkan upon there public release. On top of there is space to implement console support into the engine if the opportunity opens.

The Final major change is the introduction of a dedicated documentation system in the form of Doxygen. This system will turn comments into html documents. At a later point it is possible for the documentation to be uploaded to a website for all to read if the engine becomes open to the public.

~Josh - Lead Engine Developer

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