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An exploration into Luliette, one of Enfirus' two protagonists, as well as the next steps of the development process.

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Luliette lives a very different life from Idan. Born the daughter of Elouise Lecroux, one of the most influential barons of Auleanne, she lives in the high towers of the city, overlooking waterways and red roofs.

city concept art

Concept Art for Auleanne, from Dev Log #1.

At the very beginning of the story, she's going to run into some trouble with the fearless Watchers, an order of guardians sworn to protect the free cities of the Five Nations.

watcher coat of arms

The coat-of-arms of the Watchers. Every one of them brands it on their toga.

And, on the topic of Watchers, let's have a look at the two who get involved with Luliette's shady business in the waterways of Auleanne.

New Characters

Antonnio - The prime of the Watchers in Auleanne, he is one of the most respected men in the city. Maybe getting a little old for his post though.

Antonnio Concept Outlines

Antonnio Concept Colors

Antonnio 1

Conceptual outlines, colors, and final design for Antonnio, prime of the Watchers.

Tristan - A younger, inexperienced Watcher, who earned his position through fancy words and nepotism, rather than hard work.


Final design for Tristan.

Elouise Lecroux - Luliette's mother. A shrewd stateswoman who built up her household from the ground.

Elouise Concept Outlines

Elouise Concept Colors

Elouise Lecroux

Conceptual outlines, colors, and final design for Elouise, Luliette's mother.

And last but certainly not least, Celestine - Luliette's older sister!

Celestine Concept Outlines


Conceptual colors and final design for Celestine, Luliette's sister.

Dialogue/Chatbox Concepts

In addition to fleshing out the current characters and continuing work on scriptwriting, I've also started to work on how the dialogue in the game will be displayed.

Below is an mock-up gif that displays chatheads and a dialogue chatbox whenever the player engages in dialogue with another conversation (it may be slightly creepy - don't worry, I was just having some fun, this isn't a horror game):

test chathead example

And so that means we've also gotten started on chatheads - here is our first!

Luliette slight smile

Artwork for Luliette's "standard"/slight smile chathead.

And that's all for now!

There's a lot more stuff regarding storytelling and scriptwriting going on behind the scenes, but it's rather difficult to present that in these logs without spoiling anything - unless I were to take a screenshot and then blur everything out. I think I'll leave it be.

We may skip out on a log the next week as there's going to be more of a focus on writing. The first Act for both protagonists are fully drafted, and I have laid out the core story beats for the second Acts! Very exciting stuff, we'll be back with more art content soon.

Thank you for reading - please check out our Twitter and Discord to stay updated!

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