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An introduction to Enfirus, a non-violent puzzle adventure game that tells the tale of two children in a world still recovering from the impact of warfare.

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A legendary pine tree calls upon two children, on opposite ends of the world from each other, to meet at its roots.

Enfirus is a non-violent 2D top-down puzzle adventure game.

It follows the stories of not one, but two protagonists simultaneously: Luliette, the youngest daughter of a powerful household; and Idan, a nomad boy living in the heart of a strange forest.


  • Explore a fantastical, traditionally animated world where magic is an uncontrollable force of nature, and find out what it's done to those who attempted to harness it.
  • Lead the stories of two protagonists destined to find each other at the edge of the world.
  • Solve logical puzzles to progress through challenges, and escape imminent danger...
  • A large roster of characters to speak to and interact with, some of which are helpful, others not so much.


Characters are the beating heart of any narrative, no matter what the medium! We wanted these two protagonists to be quite distinct from each other, personality and design wise; and yet they should both be equal in one thing: they are thrust into an adventure they aren't prepared for.

Luliette Idan Concept Outlines

Conceptual outlines for Luliette and Idan.

Luliette Idan Concept Colors

Conceptual color schemes for Luliette and Idan.

Luliette   4 Views

Luliette - Front, Back and Sides

Idan   4 Views

Idan - Front, Back and Sides

We hope you enjoy playing through their stories! We won't be giving out any spoilers of course :)

The World

In a world set 500 years after a disastrous war, mankind has rebuilt in all manners of different civilizations. The first two we've explored were, of course, the homes of our protagonists.
The 2D topdown perspective will be very interesting to play around with depending on where each character is standing, but before we get to that, let's start off with some concept art that shows the difference in their societies.

city concept art

The Renaissance-inspired city where Luliette Lecroux lives at the beginning of the story.

village concept art

Idan's nomadic village, built within a mysterious forest atop a massive ruined monument.

And lastly, I'd like to present a bullshot (example screenshot) of what the game might look like!bullshot 1

Example setting - the tiling will be more diverse than this, to really bring out the life of the world! But this is the kind of topdown approach we're going with.


Thank you for reading through our first dev log! We'll aim to publish one every week :)

In the meantime, feel free to check out our Twitter page and the Enfirus Discord!



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