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I have finally gotten the first of several enemy drones that are encountered throughout the world implemented in-game. Previously made for military purposes, these drones were demilitarized and put into civilian use for public services. The idea sounded great at the time...Although, something went horribly wrong...

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The Drone: I have spent around 70 hours last week creating the first drone (the largest variety of drone thus far) that will be seen in G.R.I.T. Featuring massive light-beam cannons that can singe flesh off of bone, these tough drones were the power house that ultimately lead to massive depopulation throughout cities all across the world. Fighting one head on is not recommended...

Weak Point:
The cooling pipes that stick out of the back can be severed, causing the drone to overheat and deactivate (sometimes even explode if the engine gets too hot). First, you have to find a way to disable the electrical coating that covers the surface of the drone.

Images: I put together a simple level to show off the combat between multiple drones. There are still some animation kinks, but they work pretty well so far!

Here are some shots of drone combat OUTSIDE of the G.R.I.T universe. (this map was simply a combat test that I threw together to demonstrate) The one on the right IS in-game, to show off the proper lighting and shadows.

Enemy Drone ImagesEnemy Drone Images
Enemy Drone Combat Testing

As you can see, These drones are built for combat. Better to sneak around them If possible...

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