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This week I'm gonna show you the enemies inhabiting the first world of Warlocks 2: God Slayers - Pan God minions.

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Hello Travelers!

Svalbard is the first world of Warlocks 2: God Slayers. Among the enemies you'll meet while traveling through it, deadliest are Pan God's minions. Most of the time they defend Pan God Totems, and taking down those will be your objective in a few quests.

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Pan Fighter

Pan Fighters' main goal is to keep you busy, and thus, let their ranged allies harass you from afar. They can dash-chase you relentlessly and even their sword slashes have mini-dashes built in so they're always on the move! Going into defensive stance lets them block incoming attacks with their shields.

Pan Skirmisher

Being not as tough as their melee counterparts Pan Skirmishers are less immune to physical attacks. They try to keep in a safe range away from any Warlocks, and when any comes by near enough they attack with a quick stab, pushing away hit characters and interrupts their abilities.

Pan Guardian

Raid boss of the Pan God minions, heavily armored and with lots of health. To cut distance between himself and a Warlock he uses Crushing Leaps. He has both, a quick melee attack and a focused one, where he smashes rocks and ground into the air along with anyone not quick enough to dodge it. You won't see many of them but each encounter will be a memorable fight.

Pan Druidess

She doesn't fight directly with Warlocks. Instead she supports her allies by throwing various fruits and seeds onto the battlefield. With those she can spawn a Sapling, heal friendly units, buff them or poison her foes. She has no melee attacks or escape abilities so she relies heavily on her allies to keep her alive.

Pan ???

We have yet to implement this guy into the game. What do you think the Pan God's minions party lacks? What kind of enemy would fit the best with them?

Next time I'm gonna introduce you to the neutral monsters of the first world of Warlocks 2: God Slayers. Neutral monsters can drop consumables like meat and the likes, which you can later use to restore your health.

(meat icons are placeholders)

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