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Curious how to get each ending? Wondering how the stats work? Need a walkthrough? Here's the guide!

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Our Personal Space Gallery Unlock Guide

(Major Spoilers ahead!)

Game Mechanics:

Your ending depends on two stats - your relationship with your husband
("loved"), and your contributions to the community "community_level".
Small things will be different depending on your job, the skills you
picked, and whether you chose to have a baby or not.

"loved" increases by spending time with your husband during free time,
and also by choosing honest, kind options during other sequences. You
can tell how high this stat is by looking at the big red heart on the
computer pad.

"community_level" increases by going to work, maxing out skills, and
doing other things to benefit the community (helping other colonists,
sharing, working hard). There's not really a way to view this stat directly.

There's one more stat, "relaxed", that doesn't directly affect the
ending, but will affect some of the choices you see. How
relaxed/stressed she is is indicated by the main character's expression
on the computer pad screen. If she's worried and stressed out, she won't
have as many loving and patient options. She becomes stressed by going
to work, as well as during stressful events. You can become more relaxed
by taking time of work or spending time alone (as well as a few other
things, like soaking in hot springs/bath... just like Harvest Moon
:wink: ).

Gallery Unlockables

From the main menu under "Extras", you can choose Gallery to see what
you've unlocked so far. Below I'll tell how to unlock each of these,
plus some rare scenes that aren't in the Gallery but are interesting!

Arriving on Talaam
You can't miss this one. Just get to the new planet.

Return to Earth
This is the ending where they get divorced. If you've had an affair with
Brennan, the two of you will be together. If you've had a baby, you
bring the baby with you.

You can get this ending by being mean to your husband and lazy in the
community. (loved <= 0, community_level < 40) If both of these are low
enough and you did not just have a baby, in Month 23 you can tell your
husband that you want to leave, and in Month 24 Brennan will invite you
to come with him. It's harder to get this option if you choose to have a
baby, but possible. You just have to never go to work, don't max any
skills unless you have to, and always be mean to the community and your

Having an affair with Brennan is not required for this ending, but it is
a pretty difficult option to get. First, your relationship with your
husband needs to be very low, and you need to talk with Brennan in Month
9 and have lunch with him in Month 18. Then, in Month 21, you need to
investigate Brennan's battery problem and end up with him telling you
everything in his room. When he asks what you will do, say "I won't tell
if..." and then choose "kiss me".

This changes events in month 23. Depending on how good/bad your
relationship is with your husband, you can either call it a mistake and
try to get your husband to forgive you, or you can forget about him and
just enjoy some time with Brennan.

Making it Work
This is the "good" ending. You will get this if your loved and
community_level are high enough not to get the bad ending, but not
really high ((loved < 35) or (community_level < 60)). You can get this
ending by sometimes being mean, trying out lots of different skills, but
also sometimes spending time with your husband.

Just the Two of Us
This is the CG you get during the good or best ending if you do not have
a baby yet. To not have a baby, at the very beginning on the shuttle
when he asks if you want to have kids, choose "That's really crazy" and
"She would probably fall off". Or "I don't know" and "Maybe in a few
years/Maybe never". You still get this CG if you get pregnant during
month 23.

Love Grows
The "best" ending requires you to have both high love, and high
community_level (loved >= 35 and community_level >= 60). In order to do
this, you should make sure the MC never gets too stressed out. If she
appears worried or sad on the monthly computer screen, you can spend
time alone. You can also miss work up to 3 times without penalty, which
increases relax a lot.

In order to increase your community_level the most, it helps to max as
many skills as possible. This is easiest on New Game+, but is possible
the first time through. The Domestic skill tree probably has the most
chances to increase community_level through ordinary skill events.

You can get this ending with or without a baby.

The Face of the Future
This is the CG you get during the good or best ending if you have a baby
in month 24.

If you have unlocked all three endings, you will unlock the "Omake"
under "Extras". Just a little Brennan side story.

Other Challenges

Did you figure out how to make plastic from bacteria?
Try the Knowledge skill!

Did you win a contest at the party in month 20?
First, choose "Contests" as the entertainment of the party.

Then, if your physical is high, enter the wood-chopping contest. If your
creative or technical is high, try space ship construction. If your
knowledge or spiritual is high, try the Trivia contest. If your domestic
is high, try Adamantium Chef.

Did you become a deputy mayor?
Try the Social skill!

Did you discover who the shampoo thief was in month 22?
You can use a high spiritual/social skill to talk to everyone, a high
technical skill to catch the thieves on camera, or look for clues with a
high knowledge skill.

Did you discover geysers and a natural hot spring?
Try the Physical skill!

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