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New concepts and details about one of our enemies!

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This week has been a busy week for us on Grimoire- we've been focusing on improving our combat system and Tim has been busy designing the monsters that you will fight in the game. Here's Sally's illustration of the imp, one of the more commonplace monsters in the game:

Imp concept

The humble imp, stands a mere 2ft tall. Usually subsisting on the scraps and refuse from other creatures, Imps are primarily known to be garbage dump "predators." No more dangerous than a particularly valiant raccoon. Imps are craven, but not so timid as to pass up an opportunity for a surprise attack.

Imps are generally solitary creatures. Fierce competition for food and shiny trinkets tend to drive them apart. Once a year, Imps set aside their petty jealousies and form small familial conclaves in order to better their chances for a successful breading season. Familial groups are promptly disassembled, however, when the young begin hoarding their own meager "treasure" holdings (at roughly 8 months of age).

Since most of an Imps life takes place in the wilds and rummaging through garbage, they have a natural Earth magic resistance while their attacks usually inflict disease.

We also have a finished concept of how the Grimoire will actually look ingame. We are all pretty pleased with the design, and we hope you are too. That's all for this week- stay tuned for more!

Grimoire book concept

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