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Another little update and happy holidays everyone!

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Hello, everyone! Well, it's getting closer towards the end of this mod's first year here! Although, there is something that I wish to talk about today.

Currently, I (Themcguireman) am the only person actively working on the mod. The other two members who were working here are a bit busy with a different project called Raising the Bar, which I was also working on at one point, but I decided my priorities need to be worked with first. I am not trying to hate on the mod or the developers at all, but simply what I'm saying is that I would prefer an active-working team to help on this project, because I don't have the skills to do absolutely everything for the mod.

So, if you are able to, or if you know someone that is able to and wants to, I am looking for some people in these fields to help me on the mod:
-UV unwrapper
-Texture artist
A forum will also be made for discussion on these jobs soon.

Now, with not much left to give, I'd like to start what I call are "Backstory Logs". Basically these are little excerpts from the mod's story in written form that tell a little bit about the world that this mod tries to show, without trying to reveal spoilers.

Story Log 1: The Beginning of the End

Themcguireman wrote: He knew he couldn't have them thwart the police over and over again; they'll soon see that he's been purposefully "overlooking" their case and claim him as conspirator.
"Things like this... just have to happen... I guess.", George told himself over and over again, trying to convince himself that what he was about to do was the only sane thing left to do, or else he loses his job... or even his life.
Sometimes George wished he had never gotten into this situation in the first place. Of course, getting into this situation wasn't entirely his fault, although he was glad to spare them at the time, especially since they were going to have a child. He wasn't going to let them try and raise a child in the environment they're living in: an anarchist-populated apartment building with almost no maintenance,in a fourth-story dingy two-room apartment with just enough food for only two of them. But they were wanted. BAD. The police were basically on a headhunt for them after discovering them to be linked to the Squad 13 breakout incident of 2100. After the incident, they went out and decided to become social rebels, teaching the people the truth of the incident and how messed up our society is. I knew I couldn't stop them, he thought to himself. While they were trying to bring good to our own Realan City and possibly all the cities, they technically broke the law in the past and are continuing to break the law.
I know I'm not going to do it today, George thought. Tomorrow, though, is the beginning of the end.

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