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General update to answer the questions we've had building up

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Hey all. Apparently we haven't updated since June, and 6 months without a word is just plain rude on our part.

2009's been a rough year for the Tyranid Mod team. Our main coder had to disappear and eventually leave, our animation team had to bail early this year, our sound guy disappeared, we lost our web hosting and our planned January/February release never happened. And the new code we've been working on - the core of the 0.5 release - stubbornly refused to work.

But, over the course of the year we also got three new coders, a new animator, a new sound guy and a new website. We also think we're really close to cracking that code problem too.

We've had our hands both very full and very empty pretty much all year long - a lot got done, but not much progress. Our internal testing betas are only up to 0.46 - which is basically just 0.45 with improved balance and some (very broken) steps towards bringing in the new Influence resource.

So at the moment we're going through all our animations and sounds to have a definitive list of what's missing. We're working on the new build menu code that will allow you to drop buildings directly from the hivefleet.

And we're preparing for next month, when Games Workshop releases the new Tyranid codex for 5th Edition Warhammer 40k. New units, new psychic powers, new lots of things for us to mull over and try to get in-game.

So we're really sorry that 2009's been a bit of a dud year. We're working on changing that around in 2010.

As always our forum is available for more regular updates so feel free to come on over and peruse. We've also got our knowledge base started for general information on the in-game side of things.

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