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Small update regarding the mod, as well as info about future updates.

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Hey guys! 10th grade just finished up for me, which means I'll be able to spend the summer working on The Talos I Incident full-time instead of a few times a day. After making major progress on The Talos I Incident, I decided to tell you what's gonna be in this release, and plans for future updates.

Initially, v1.0 was intended to only include the GLOO Cannon; however, I've made enough progress on the shotgun, the Margrave, and the pistol that those are the three weapons you'll get when you play the mod. The pistol's coding won't change at all, it only replaces the initial sprites. The shotgun and Super Shotgun, however, are being replaced with Prey's shotgun and Margrave weapons; they're basically the same thing, even with the same animation, except the Margrave looks prettier and is more powerful.

The coding is all finished, so I just need to finish up the spritework. I'm gonna be honest here, I don't wanna build up false hype/hope with the weapons: the animations won't be the best. I want to try to adhere to how few frames Doom had with its animations, and I only cut out the weapons from screenshots, so the animations aren't going to be anything special. That was a problem I had with a lot of mods for Doom: the weapon animations always felt too smooth, and didn't quite click into place me. I might change this animation style in future updates, but that isn't quite set in stone yet.

Speaking of updates, the next beta will include the wrench, which will replace the brass knuckles. It will also add in a new HUD to replace the status bar; the new HUD will actually be that of the space suit during Prey's space segments. That update and all future updates will include three WADs instead of one:

•Doom_The_Talos_Incident.wad (weapons and hud)



On the day of the mod's release, which I estimate to be either late June or early July (also not set in stone), I will release a gameplay video on my YouTube channel, showcasing the GLOO Cannon, pistol, shotgun, and Margrave.

I've also been working on another mod; this is more of a joke mod which spawned from when I cut some frames out of the SSG animation for the Margrave. I'll certainly be working on that at the same time as The Talos I Incident.

That's about all I have to say for the upcoming release of Doom: The Talos I Incident.

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