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after a month rich in modding progress i decide to make summary for it

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After a month rich in modding progress i decide to make summary for it and btw sorry for the no updates last weak as in responce to the egyptian crisis the governement cut down the internet connections allover egypt "and that may happen again"


1- GDI control node
The control node controls most of the gdi special powers and mainly the crawler calling system.

gdi control node

2- GDI mammoth mkIII
As people asked for improving it ,the model,uv mapping and the texture were redone.

big update :D


1- NOD thermo wave tank
After decoding the tacitus nod learned how to transport heat energy in beams in a very effective they improved the artillery beam tant to form the thermo wave artillery tank,a t4 tank able to conduct heat beams in a long range with a decent affecting area to burn infantry and destroing tanks by exploding enemy tanks projectiles due to being unstable at very hot temperatures.

nod thermo wave tank

2- NOD naval seeker
Naval mines built by naval yards and controled manually .or u can leave them to hunt enemy ships. So be carefull because mines have brains now.

big update :D

3- NOD scorpion nest/nod AA EMP mine
The scorpion nest is an AA defence and a small factory at the same time. Using the AA mines as drones and can build free version of them.

big update :D

big update :D

4- NOD water guardians/light subs
The water guardians are the t1 submarines of nod. Very weak and cheap but usefull to hunt enemy mines and submarines.

big update :D

5- NOD radar station

adjusting nod radar station texture

6- NOD redeemer

redeemer attacking

7- NOD fence stuff

big update :D

big update :D

big update :D

A summery over the sidebars.

GDI sidebar nod sidebar USA sidebar CHINA sidebar GLA sidebar

--------------------------------hope you enjoyed it --------------------------------
HOPE1134 - - 1,114 comments

the mammy needs to be a bit darker though

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SlayerX3 - - 2,448 comments

Snow effects ?

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Gregthegen - - 778 comments

Hmm, I hope they don't perminantly ban or begin restricting internet in egypt or we might ever hear of this mod again from you. you might want to upload it to a private server outside of egypt if I were you in the event this happens so a friend of yours or something could work on it.

The way things are going I wouldn't be suprised if a month/year loss of internet in that region happens before too long.

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JosepH13 - - 309 comments

Stay safe flash .. :)
the unrest will soon subside just pray ..

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
GDI_Commander - - 277 comments

Yah stay safe, this will hopefully be over soon

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Gunship_Mark_II - - 4,864 comments

Damn, i want to play it now!

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Pestilent_Shadow - - 34 comments

Just so you know, There is a small typo at the top. Where it should say:
"For GDI" it says "For GID". Just a helpful note! =P Also SO SO SO EXCITED TO PLAY!!!! =D

There is also a typo just above the naval mine picture, in the description =)

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