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To wrap up December and 2009 I will post only good news today. For the most part we've been working on a prototype of something nothing really seen before, or at least I haven't. We've also been working on doing some of our collision detection differently to make it more "neat". Our sound guy has been on vacation so when he gets back we'll see about pushing somthing out for you to listen too if its ready.

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We hop to have something ready to show you in about 6 weeks at the earliest we may push it up to 12 to make it look better. That way it just may catch your eye and bring you in to support our cause. I still haven't been able to "The Boss" on here mainly because he knows ill take care of any questions, comments, and/or concerns. We've also been talking about different types of game play and most of it we like, and seems like it would be nice. However, That is not the highlight. I can finally say something about our current project.

Name/Codename: Project Gen
Single or Mulitplayer: Multiplayer
Number of players: 24 (that's what the plan is)
Genre: First Person Shooter
Release date: TBA

More information to come at a later date. Also if anyone knows any one that would do commission work that fits a AAA indie budget feel free to Email the contact us address. The wheels are rolling now that the planing is out of the way. Happy new year see you in a week or so to start off January... Officially.

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