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All things changed such as bugfixes and improved stuffs!

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Changelog for the BETA 16 release of the gameplay mod :

-Cacodemon and pinkies can set other people and demons in fire
-Barrel can explode by enemies, if player shoots it, explodes and give points if enenies are next to or near to it
-Sprite changed for the weapons : Pistol (Credit goes to JoeyTD) and the Super Shotgun (credit goes to someguy who made it)
-All demons can release fire after burn exept Archvile and Revenants
-New tracers
-New death screams (and Wilhem screams lol!)
-Executions don't consume some ammos exept pistol, shotgun and super shotgun
-Less ammo consume for the flamethrower
-New weapon replacement for BFG9000 : The Karma Calibur, in the campain, it's available only in the last act
-Mancubus lets not longer flamethrower but his own arm cannon!
-Weapons have the same firerate than Hotline Miami 2
-New Hud
-New Difficulty skills : GOTTA GET A GRIP (like beginner but with HARD filter in the maps meaning that you'll meet more enemies), 50 BLESSINGS HUNTS ME (like the GRIP but similar to the necrophilia but you won't be killed by "one hit")
-Biker added (FIND SOME DEAD MEAT!!)

-The Karma Calibur can throw projectiles in the secondary fire, and will replaces the fists, you can also use it for reflect projectiles but won't give points after the backfire. Spamming the attack just for reflect rockets for exemple would be pointless.
-Barrel explodes faster after been hurted too much, you must be so far before make it explose!
-Getting other items such as armor or health will need more experiments on the Decorate, I hope that I don't need ACS for do that! All I want is to make player when he hits the "USE" key, he gets the item! The weapon, why not but I don't want to make more confusion about the gameplay!
-Differences between green and Blue Armor, one which he protects barely (99%) and one 100%

To do:
-New Death animations (from chainsaw and blades)
-Improving the decorate for light it

To do maybe :
-Feared Thug marines until they get anyweapon
-"USE" for pickup items
-FREE DLCs for gameplay mods???
-Sniper Rifle

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