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Detecting a trap is just the beginning. In Lords of Xulima, there are various traps scattered around the world and dungeons. These traps can be disarmed either automatically or manually depending on your skills. Watch your step!

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So let's discuss traps!

In our last update, we discussed Picking Locks, which can be done either manually, automatically, or by brute force.
In this latest update, we will briefly explain some of the features involving traps. Traps were originally discussed on our Indiegogo update #8.

First, here is a list of a few of the traps you will encounter in Lords of Xulima:

  • Poisonous clouds
  • Flames that burn through cracks in the ground
  • Pressure plates that spring blades from the floor
  • Spider webs that slow your movements while their owners inject their venom
  • Many more!

Detecting Traps

Based on the complexity of the trap, and the skill level of your party members, you will automatically detect a trap using the perception skill. If you successfully detect a trap, a red zone will appear.The image below shows an example of a red zone.

Once this zone is detected, you can use the "Disarm Traps" ability.Disarming a trap can be done in two ways: automatically (where success depends on skill level) or manual (play a mini game).The trap mini game shows a series of gears that change colors in different patterns. To disarm, you must click on the gears when they turn green. The more complex of a trap, the more difficult the color patterns are. However, the higher your skill level, the simpler the patterns become.

(The Disarm Trap mini game)

All in all, it comes down to: watch your step! You never know which corner will bring a challenging enemy, or a dangerous trap.

Take a look at the official site or visit the Indiegogo page for more information.

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