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Successful test of ENboost carried out today at my production studio where I work. I am giving this the green light and will explain more in the article bellow.

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I ran a test of ENboost for Fallout 3 today and it helped fix a lot of problems with the game itself so I am advising everyone use it from here on in with my mods for Fallout 3. The problem I am addressing is that actors stop moving on the map and that has to go and I believe ENboost helps make that happen.

I've changed the starting point to include the iceberg map which never had any moving issues that I am aware of. You see the wasteland map use some very complex navigational meshes for traveling and it is no wonder that the actors have no idea where to go. I'm not surprised at all. If it were two or three actors it would be no big thing but I am using hundreds of actors on the set and that makes things complex.

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