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This is a tutorial on how to enable the V-Wing fighters into this game. The tutorial will enable it only for the Empire, but it can be used to enable the V-Wing for other factions as well.

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Thank you everyone for your support and your thanks for this mod. As many of you have noticed, there hasn't been any updates for a while. The reason is because I believe this mod is complete. Every major update comes with significant changes, so unless there are some major additions, I won't be updating this mod anymore. However, there are still people with ideas and tweaks to this mod. For those, I will be posting articles on how to modify the mod to include these subtle changes. It should be quite easy and all you really need is notepad for the most part.

This tutorial will guide you in enabling the V-Wing fighter into the game. The V-Wing fighter is an older fighter from the Republic era, so storywise it can be used in any faction, much like the Venator/Acclamator in my opinion. This tutorial will only show you how to enable it in the Empire, but the steps can be used to enable it in the Rebels or the Zann as well if you choose to do so.

1) You will need to make the modification for each EAW and FOC, whichever one you want to enable or both. V-Wing starfighter exists in both games.

2) Look for the file in the FOC mod xml folder called uniqueunits.xml and open it with notepad. In the file look for "V-wing_Fighter" in the file. This is the base coding for the V-wing. DO NOT touch it. :) Look below and you will find "V-wing_Fighter_E" and 2 other variants. These are the places you want to modify. E is for empire, R for Rebel, and U for Underworld. This will allow you to build different V-Wings for each faction if you choose. Right now, none of them are enabled.

3) Replace the "V-wing_Fighter_E" coding with this:

	<UniqueUnit Name="V-wing_Fighter_E">


		<!-- Non-Hero unit abilities description -->
		<Unit_Abilities_Data SubObjectList="Yes">
			<!-- Primary ability -->

All this does is give it the "hunt" ability as the original has no abilities at all. You can change it to any other ability, but you'll have to test and trial/error to figure out how they work. Not all abilities are easily transferrable. Hunt is the easiest one to use. (For EAW, remove "DAMAGE_TRACKING" from the end of the space behavior line.)

4) Now directly under "V-wing_Fighter_E" we're going to insert the coding for the V-wing Squadron. Copy and Paste the code into the file below the "V-wing_Fighter_E" coding.

	<Squadron Name="V-wing_Fighter_E_Squadron">
		<Encyclopedia_Good_Against> Z-95_Headhunter_Rebel Skipray_Blastboat</Encyclopedia_Good_Against>
		<Encyclopedia_Vulnerable_To> Crusader_Gunship Tartan_Patrol_Cruiser </Encyclopedia_Vulnerable_To>
		<GUI_Row> 1 </GUI_Row>
		<Required_Timeline />
		<Required_Special_Structures />
		<Squadron_Units>V-wing_Fighter_E, V-wing_Fighter_E, V-wing_Fighter_E, V-wing_Fighter_E</Squadron_Units>
		<GUI_Offset>0 0 0</GUI_Offset>


		<Property_Flags> SmallShip </Property_Flags>
		<Score_Cost_Credits> 420</Score_Cost_Credits>
		<!-- Non-Hero unit abilities description -->
		<Unit_Abilities_Data SubObjectList="Yes">
			<!-- Primary ability -->
		<Tactical_Build_Prerequisites />

This is the squadron code for the Tie Fighter, I modified it for the V-wing Empire. It is recommended if you want to create the squadron for Rebel or Zann, you use one of their own squadron base code. Don't forget to SAVE. (For EAW, please remove the crusader and skipray from the "good against" and "vulnerable" section at the beginning.)

HALF TIME) DONE! This means the V-Wing Squadron is now fully coded in the game for the Empire. WAIT! You cannot build fighters for the Empire in campaign/galactic mode. Their starbase only builds spaceships. So for Skirmish, you will need to enable it to build this squadron and in the campaign/galactic, you have to add them to your starships.

Skirmish) You can skip this step if you do not want to build the v-wing at the starbase. Just go to the next step to enable them on your capships. Open the file starbases.xml with notepad. If you scroll down you will see the Skirmish starbase coding for level 1 - 5. In each of them you can see the list of things they can build at each level. (If you can't find it, search for "TIE_Interceptor_Squadron") Simply add "V-wing_Fighter_E_Squadron" into the list (You'll have to add it 5 times, 1 for each skirmish starbase). Don't forget the "comma" after you insert the squadron in the list. Don't forget to SAVE.

Campaign/Galactic) To add the V-wing squadron to your starships, first you need to decide which starship to add them to. If you are looking for the Venator, it is located in spaceunitsfrigates.xml along with the acclamator. The Venator is listed under "Jedi_Cruiser_E" coding. In this coding, scroll down until you find the fighter complement section (If you can't find it, just search for tie_fighter). You can either replace the "Tie_fighter_squadron" with "V-wing_Fighter_E_Squadron" or you can add in the "V-wing_Fighter_E_Squadron" with it. Don't forget to save.

That's it. Very simple. The V-Wing does look really amazing. I think I'm going to make this change to my own game too. But it is a rather small change so I will not be updating this mod. However, in the future if there IS some major addition to warrant an update, this V-wing coding will be included as well.

Alright that's it! Happy Gaming!

- Power C



I changed this in the squadron code from no to yes. now i should be able to build it in gc-mode

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