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We released 2.12.2. Main highlights are persistent class options, sound updates and shotgun sounds.

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  • Class selection now remembers your previous equipment choices for that class.
  • Class defaults to Engineer now instead of Scout.


  • Fix for infinite pumping on shotguns when at 0 ammo.
  • Fixed SDK bot spawning
  • Fixed shotgun using wrong sounds when firing
  • Reverted problematic sounds
  • Fixed more blurry textures on low settings

Non-code changes

    • Some sounds reverted to old ones. Along with some fixes to the newer sounds.
    • emp_money:
      • Refinery resource income increased from 3 -> 5 each
      • Vehicle clips added above platforms

  • emp_coast:
    • Fixed hole in the map.
    • Fixed texture behind ladder near BE spawn
    • Set all level 4 displacements to level 2
    • BE and NF main bases now start with a pre-built refinery to prevent Commanders building anything BUT a refinery first
    • Viscluster brush added to ceiling to improve performance. Visible clusters reduced from ~8 million to ~4 million. More optimization can be done, but this is a huge increase for now.

Script changes

  • Shorten Heavy-duty ML's GUI name to fit.
  • Fixed ordering of tanks to prevent new players from accidentally building artillery.
  • Plasma Cannon Prototype
    • Heat to Target 5 -> 7

    • Plasma Cannon
      • Heat to Target 7 -> 8
      • Explosion Radius 300 -> 270

  • Plasma Machine Gun
    • Projectile Spread 0.03 -> 0.02
    • Heat to Target 1.8 -> 2

  • High Energy Plasma Machine Gun
    • Heat 1.1 -> 1.4
    • Projectile Spread 0.02 -> 0.015
    • Heat to Target 1.9 -> 2.3

  • BE Medium Tank
    • Axleratio 0.7 -> 0.85

People still play this?

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Props for continued updates but just wondering playerbase...

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I wonder how many players would come back for aircraft.

Jk. Well, sort of.

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