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The Empire of the Rising Strikes the Soviets and Allies When they go back in time to the vietnamese war without the great leaders of the soviets and the allies the rising sun should prevail.

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Gerator Core: Unchanged

Dojo Core: Unchanged Except new units

Refinery Core: Unchanged

Mecha Bay Core: Unchanged except new units

Docks Core: Unchanged Except New units

Air Tower Core: Cost 1200$ trains Empire Air Units

Power Core: Cost 2000$ Power Structers used to power the empires floating fortress

Mainframe Core: Unchanged


Burst Drone: Unchanged

Empearial Warrior: Unchanged

Tankbuster M2: Guns are now wave fore attrliary guns giving a longer range of fire

Engineer: Unchanged

Shinobi: Unchanged

Yuriko: Unchanged

Air Vehicles:

Stealth Plane: small planes with mini machine guns and AA guns if the the Stealth planes dont atttack they stay stealthed

Rocket angle: Unchanged

Hover Bot: a small robot good for scouting and destroying light tanks

Groung Vehicles:

Ore Collector: Unchanged

Sudden Transport:Unchanged

Meha Tengu: Unchanged

tSunami Tank: Unchanged

Wave Force Tank: Cost 1000$ a cheaper version of the wave-fiorce artillary but has less range

Striker VX:Unchanged

Emeror Yoshiro: Cost 3000$ a stronger version of the king oni driven by the emporor

King Oni: Unchanged

Wave-Force Artillary: Unchanged

Naval Vehicles:

Ore Collector: Unchanged

Yari Mini Sub: Unchanged

tSunami Tank: Unchanged

Naginata Cruiser: Unchanged

Shougun Battleship: Now Can shoot up

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