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What changes to vanilla have been made, and what changes are in the works for the future.

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Hey all, this mod is a work in progress to extend one of my favorite total war games to something that is actually enjoyable. At the moment I've only made changes with multiplayer in mind (and more specifically European nations), but I have already started working on making a campaign version.

Feature list:

  • increased troop counts (300 infantry!)
  • increased density of formations
  • all units now fire when they have a line of sight on the enemy
  • hidden armies to simulate line of sight (WIP)
  • modified moral system
    • units break quicker (particularly when charged) but are difficult to shatter
    • units stop routing a little quicker
    • cavalry charges are devastating when not in square formation.
  • modified accuracy: units are more accurate at close range and a lot less accurate at long range
  • increased unit range
  • modified fatigue
    • units tire quicker
    • units are less effective and have less morale when very tired and exhausted
  • modified movement speed: units move slower, particularly in forests and muddy terrain
  • nations unit stats are tweaked to make each nation more unique, and yet still balanced.
  • The amount of each unit that is able to be recruited is now unique for most nations. (i.e. Sweden can recruit 4 line infantry but the British can recruit 6)
  • new fire and smoke (without sacrificing performance)
  • Some tweaks to how the A.I. handles their armies (WIP)

There are probably a few more minor tweaks that I have left out, but these are the main ones. As for what I'm planning on implementing...

  • continue to balance and tweak units
  • historical non-European nations
  • add minor nations to battles
  • new maps (though this is extremely difficult as I have been working on it for a long while now)
  • correct a few units that haven't received all the changes.
  • continue to test and tweak a campaign version (with this will come a large revamp of the multiplayer, including new nation specific units).

Thanks for the support guys, feel free to ask any questions!

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