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The campaign demo is here! Check out what has been changed below.

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The Empire Extended Campaign Demo has been released! This is far from a final version, but it is playable for the grand campaign and makes a number of changes which will be listed below. The aim of Empire Extended is to develop the gameplay of Empire Total War and to flesh out some of the mechanics that CA dropped or didn’t include. All of the multiplayer battle mechanics are included.

Recommend play on Hard/Hard

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Campaign Changes:

  • Unique Government Types
    • Absolute Monarchies have to deal with unhappy lower classes and slower growth in cities but have very cheap recruitment comparatively and access to the best units. Absolute Monarchies also will have trouble researching in the enlightenment category.
    • Constitutional Monarchies are a good middle of the road. Neither upper classes nor lower classes are particularly unhappy with the system, however there is no decreased recruitment cost and less repression. There is a small boost to the town growth however.
    • Republics cater towards the lower classes, with the upper classes more unhappy. Republics can recruit cheap militia but don’t have access to the best troops that monarchies can muster. On the flip side republics grow quickly and have research bonuses.
  • Decreased army movement speed
  • Increased movement speed on roads (roads can allow much faster travel)
  • More challenging economy
  • Slightly improved Campaign AI
  • Limited professional units (dependent on the nation)
  • Population mechanics
    • Recruiting subtracts 1000 population (to represent not only soldiers, but staff and logistics)
    • Cannot recruit from cities if the population will drop below 80,000
  • Other minor tweaks

If you have some thoughts or suggestions you can post them on the Discord ( under the mod-ideas section.

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