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tl;dr there will be a hiatus, but we're releasing Revision 1.0 now. Expect Revision 1.0 within the dates of March 25th, and March 28th.

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There is some bad news, and then there is some good news:

Bad News: Development will be halted for roughly 3 months (give or take)

Good News: We are releasing what we have for Revision One, and while it's not as complete as I, Musketmarine, personally wanted. It's better now than waiting roughly three months.

The reason for the development hiatus boils down partly due to the fact that I, Musket I will be heading off and doing things important for my future for those three months. But do not be alarmed, development will resume when I am done, and there is no reason to keep anyone waiting. However I have given word to certain authorized members of the development team to carry on the torch in terms of continuing to contribute content to keep the mod alive in my absence.

Revision One will be released as Pre-Alpha Revision 1.0, I hope everyone understands my reasoning, and there is now a "little bit" more content in the mod, including the long-awaited balance fix for Yuri's Bio Reactors. I hope to have it sometime released between the 25th and 28th. As some new units are being worked into the project still.

Oh yeah, and there's a few new tracks of music in the mod too! Because Karl Casey is great at what he does.

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