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Our Elite's Conflict Mod v1.2 demo is nearly complete! HEROIC Studios is proud to bring you an open-demo of the biggest update this mod has ever seen. New models and textures for every vessel with the Imperial and Rebel armadas is the feature of this version, but gameplay and balancing has been our focus too. There's so much for us to show you and we can't wait to see you in the game!

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  • Developers Note
    • We are opening up our Discord channel to the public. Here we have weekly updates on game development, bug reporting, memes, and chats with our developers. Our Discord is here:
    • Our Steam page has been updated and soon our v1.2 Demo will be available on Steam as well as here on Mod DB. Downloading through Steam may be easier for Steam users and we want to help players play the game. Our Steam page can be found here:
  • New Elite's Conflict Mod Vision
    • For the past few months our team has been discussing a new vision for this mod. It is still being tested as we throw ideas around but the mod's direction is changing to become more immersive, tactical, and enjoyable.
    • Right now we want to rework the gameplay of starfighters and capital ships. We want to make war feel like war. When an X-wing is lost it means something, they aren't just a dispensable unit that is irrelevant, at least not for the Rebel Alliance. Just as well, when an Imperial-class Star Destroyer jumps into the battle, the enemies of the Galactic Empire should cower in fear, knowing they are doomed.
    • We are brainstorming new ideas and we want to develop a unique gameplay that makes every loss and every victory meaningful. If you have ideas or comments, please let us know either here on our main page or on our Discord channel.
  • Elite's Conflict Mod: v1.2 Demo Upcoming Release
    • Before the launch of the full version, we are releasing a v1.2 Demo to everyone! As of now, this demo will be released in October 2018 as it is nearly ready to be released. We know you'll enjoy our demo and we hope that you'll look forward to our next update, just as we do.
  • Developer Streaming, Commentaries, and Multiplayer
    • Soon HEROIC Studios would like to begin hosting developer meetings, Q-and-A sessions, and multiplayer matches. We want to address any development questions you have and be available for multiplayer matches, as we all want to sit down and actually play the game.
  • Screenshots (thank {HEROIC}Doci for his amazing work)
    • Remastered Arquitens-class
    • New Leviathan (Interdictor-class)
    • New Leviathan (Interdictor-class)
    • Remastered Acclamator II-class

Remastered Arquitens

New Leviathan

New Leviathan II

Remastered Acclamator

  • Like What You See...? Elite's Conflict Mod

HEROIC Studios

Some_other_guy - - 184 comments

dude i'e been here for a long time, I'm so exited for this, hell i've een one of you guys in th thrawns revenge iscord server

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The_Arbiter_1 - - 8 comments

Mod looks promising. Great work!

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theravingcelt - - 5 comments

This looks fantastic! Well done to the whole team! I can't wait to get my hands on it!

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