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A new patch for Elite Force v6 has been released, featuring a new admin system and overhauls to bulk and accuracy, and more.

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Elite Force v6.1 Released

It's been a while since we've put anything out about the mod. The team (with a new member, sandman332) and I have been hard at work on a new patch. The main thing we wanted to focus on at the moment is incremental patches focusing on fixing bugs and small, but important improvements.

Major Changes

Starting with this patch, there is a new feature in multiplayer known as Admin Roles. Each player can have an Admin Role that is logged into. In the future we will be adding more features which will rival the likes of MarkMods, SES, GezMod, and hopefully introduce a layer of custom scriptability for server owners to make their own mini-mods. The main reason we are deciding to focus on this is because the mods I have listed all have compatibility issues, break some of the features of the mod, and may be causing crashes in multiplayer. So, I have made the decision to purposefully eliminate compatibility with any existing admin mods for SWAT 4. From this point on, GEZ Mod, MarkMod, SESMod and other admin mods will not work with SWAT: Elite Force! Their features will be implemented into the mod itself.

So what else does this patch do, besides bugfixes? Allow me to highlight some of the other noteworthy changes:

  • The accuracy system has been overhauled. Long weapons are generally easier to aim now.
  • The bulk system has been improved. Bulk now affects your weapon changing and reload speeds.
  • Introduced a new system: Empathy Modifiers. When a civilian sees another person affected by pepper spray, tasers, beanbag rounds, etc, they will feel "empathy" towards that target, and will also receive a similar morale reduction. As a result, you will find that clearing large rooms of uncompliant civilians may be easier. Just note that this doesn't affect all civilians, just some. For instance, the civilians on Children of Taronne Tenement are not affected by this system. They are crazed cultists, after all!

Minor Changes

  • Added a new button, 'Pick Random Map', to the All Missions mission selection screen. Clicking the button will pick a random map to play. (You can click it over and over again until you find a map that you would like.)
  • Added a Map Filter combobox to the Host Game menu. You can filter maps in the list by their source (All Maps, Custom Maps or Stock Maps)
  • When hosting a game, you can now enable/disable the timer at the beginning or end of a map.
  • Redid the lighting on Brewer County Courthouse
  • A LOT of cut speech was restored, including: "arrested" lines by the player and AI officers, lines when the player goes rogue, AI responses to commands, AI responses to dead suspects, civilian lines when shot at, and a lot of the FunTime drug dealer lines
  • Named speakers from the TSS missions will now be labeled as such in their subtitles. For example, Andrew Norman will appear as "Andrew Norman" instead of "Male Suspect" (*). Band Members from Sellers Street Auditorium are labeled as such, and aren't "Male Civilian"
  • More blood will appear when shooting something
  • Suspects are now considered threats when they move towards a hostage for the purpose of threatening them.
  • Reduced suspect and civilian field of view (120 -> 80)
  • Increased officer field of view (120 -> 180)
  • Officers now turn faster, at the same speed suspects do.
  • Officers will no longer report that they are busy when issued an order.
  • Officers react faster to suspects.
  • Officers will no longer take cover if they are very close to a suspect
  • Officers use the same take-cover time as highly-skilled suspects do
  • Officers will clear rooms quicker
  • Officers will listen to (and respond to) sounds even when they have a current enemy
  • Suspects drop their weapons when cowering
  • Suspects are no longer a threat when cowering
  • Reduced the amount of sway on the sniper scope
  • Added a little blurb of text on the Campaign menu to better explain what each career path does

Bug Fixes

"Fixed TSS Bug" refers to fixed bugs which existed in the original game. "Fixed SEF Bug" refers to fixed bugs which were introduced in SWAT: Elite Force.

  • Fixed P90 flashlight
  • Fixed M4Super90 iron sights position
  • Fixed ambient sounds and scripted conversations on Meat Barn Restaurant
  • Fixed multiplayer spawn points on Brewer County Courthouse
  • Fixed SEF bug: Wild Gunner delay not working (fixed for real this time)
  • Fixed SEF bug: Breaching ammo would never breach the door. (It now has a 50% chance to breach a metal door, and 75% chance to breach a wooden door, unless a Breaching Shotgun is used)
  • Fixed SEF bug: Some Sovereign Citizen lines did not play correctly
  • Fixed SEF bug: Magazine count display on equipment panels only showed 2 digits (so pepperball only displayed as "20")
  • Fixed SEF bug: A suspect or civilian who was cuffed and then reported, then incapacitated or killed, would count as "failed to report downed suspect" even though they were already reported.
  • Fixed SEF bug: Using the "say" command in the dedicated server or MarkMods WebAdmin panel would crash the server
  • Fixed SEF bug: Deleting a campaign wouldn't wipe its stats or permadeath status, so creating another one of the same name would result in bugs
  • Fixed SEF bug: M4A1 Suppressed in third person had a glowing silencer
  • Fixed SEF bug: HK33 had wrong model in third person
  • Fixed SEF bug: MP5SSD6 had fingers covering the iron sights
  • Fixed SEF bug: Creating a QMM with no civilians lead to a maximum score of 90/100 due to a bug in the way All Civilians Unharmed score was calculated
  • Fixed TSS bug: Spoken lines by TOC on TSS missions would cut off if the player used the shout button
  • Fixed TSS bug: Some incorrect subtitles
  • Fixed TSS bug: Using the Bulgarian Drug Worker as a suspect in QMM will no longer cause sound bugs

Thank god, now we can get rid of this annoying timer on the end game screen. Thanks for that!

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"introduce a layer of custom scriptability for server owners to make their own mini-mods"
" I have made the decision to purposefully eliminate compatibility with any existing admin mods for SWAT 4. "
"Their features will be implemented into the mod itself."

Greate decisions!

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