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A bugfixing patch has been released to address issues raised in v4.

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A new version has been released

v4.1, a patch for v4, has been released. It has some vital improvements, such as making the FOV slider not freeze the game, some balancing tweaks such as making the Less Lethal Shotgun and Nova Pump replace the M4super90 as a secondary weapon, and a few neat changes, such as improvements to Speech Recognition and the optiwand display. You can catch the upgrade here.

Need help installing the mod?

Since v4 was released, there's been a huge number of people having install related issues or asking how to install the mod. Although the installation instructions are detailed in the Readme file, I went ahead and wrote up a tutorial to help people understand how to install the mod.

v5 is in the works

We've already started on v5, even before v4 was released. One complaint we've had is that the game is now almost too easy with all of the changes that were made in v4. We've settled on three guiding principles for the next version:

  • More ways to play. There are going to be some big changes to the campaign system; big enough to warrant another playthrough or two. Multiplayer is going to get some TLC. Hopefully we can get another Extra Mission done.
  • Greater feature depth. We want to take relatively useless features, such as Snipers, and make them more useful, either directly or indirectly. There will also be more decisions to be made about your equipment (as well as entirely new pieces of equipment).
  • A focus on (realistic) challenge. We aren't going to make the game harder in any cheap manner, like decreasing health or accuracy. Instead there will be more subversive, subtle ways that the game will be harder.

I don't want to reveal anything before it's (relatively) complete, but hopefully you can see at least the direction things are going.

Help Support SWAT 4 (and Elite Force)

Well, now that you have seen the mod and have enjoyed it, perhaps you are willing to tell a friend or two? The mod was featured by and PC Power Play magazine, and we're aiming to get people back into SWAT 4. Tell a friend, and have them tell a friend. Blow it up on Reddit or Facebook. I'm confident that the prospect of an in-depth SWAT simulator can prove to be very fun, especially when played with friends.

There are other, more direct ways that you can help us. We're setting up a Patreon soon, and proceeds will go towards things such as 24/7 co-op servers, better software to develop the mod with, voice actors, and more samples for creating music with. Additionally, any help you think you can throw at us - mapping, modelling, it's all appreciated.

I want to take a moment here to thank the community for the great response that v4 has received here and on Facepunch. Also for the people who have stepped up to help with the mod, you rock.

If you're ever interested in chatting, we have an official Discord server for SWAT 4, and there's frequent discussion of Elite Force and other mods there.


Just came across your mod recently and decided to give SWAT 4 another go with this installed. Totally paid off, good job.

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Is there any way to use this with the SWAT 4 Remake mod?

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eezstreet Author

There is a tutorial somewhere on the Remake mod that explains how to combine the two.

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This is pure gold!

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This mod is freaking great. and the 4.1 patch was awesome. This is not a huge issue, but the speech recognition seems to detect the Report to TOC, but it doesn't actually report it. Can you look into it if you have time?

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