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Deus Ex Machine Elisium of Rome reflects an era that was not thoroughly considered.

Its early version of mod, which was created in 2016 year.

Main campaign and changes
In the main campaign, as in the previous versions of the fashion, there were new factions - Caucasian Albania, Ethiopia, Markomann, Vries, Moors and Rugiland. The most recent faction was the Kingdom of the Cherubs. In addition, the starting positions of many countries, their territories were changed, historicity and accuracy were added. A lot of work has been done on the names of cities. The script factions were strengthened. In addition, the 3D content was completely redesigned. Vanilla models simply disappeared, for the place they are now new from Mr. KLA. Especially the Romans underwent changes in terms of tactics. In terms of the campaign, the work was carried out over many factions, including the Union of Utah and the Saxons. Flags, banners and icons were changed. Increased the level of many cities on the map. The rebels are still a cruel force. In addition, a lot of new units were added for new factions and old ones. Also, many buildings were recycled.

Additional historical campaigns
This, perhaps, is one of the main features of this version of the mod.

1. The Byzantine Campaign
In this campaign for Byzantium, we are to save the dying Rome in the middle of the 5th century and build a new empire. The gameplay was upgraded to hardcore. Rebellion around the country is massive. The barbarian hordes were weakened, but now the big danger comes from the Sassanids. Byzantium has many starting territories, but a greater threat of insurgencies and economic crisis. It is recommended to play on high difficulties. The condition of victory is the seizure of 43 territories, including all the ZRI's possessions.

2. Campaign of Western Rome
The most complicated campaign in fashion. Only one faction is available - the Western Empire. The beginning of the game at the end of the 4th century. Only the starting troops have to fight, because she does not have any money. The economic crisis and insurrections overwhelm the whole country. Faction-hordes like the Cherusks, Ethiopians and Frizov in full terrorize the state. Nearly every city is under attack. Having lost the starting troops, you can lose the campaign.

3. The Campaign of the Fall of Rome
In this campaign, on the contrary, we have to destroy the Roman Empire in all senses. The campaign starts in the middle of the 5th century. There are many playable factions, including the Rebels of Western and Eastern Rome. The starting positions of many countries have been changed capitally. Now we have to finish Rome in all ways. Roman factions are turned off, only barbarous ones are available. But only there is a threat that whoever first conquers the Roman rich possessions, will not want to give them to others.

4. The Campaign of the Fall of the Barbarians
Here we begin to play in the middle of the 4th century, when the Roman Empire was still strong in every sense. It is necessary to play for the emerging barbarian kingdoms, which were subjected to massive attacks of legions. Campaign of the Fall of the Barbarians strengthens the Roman factions to the limit, but significantly weakens the barbarian. The barbarians have fewer territories, fewer developed cities, fewer advantages. The conditions of victory are to end the western and eastern Romans once and for all.

5. Merovingian campaign
King Frankov Merovei begins construction of his new empire. In this campaign, we have to play in times before the very fall of Rome. Only one fraction is available - Merovingi. By the beginning of the campaign, they already hold key cities in Europe. The conditions of victory are quite heavy. We are to create a new vast kingdom in the lands of Europe, to finish off the pathetic fragments of the Roman factions and become an influential power in the world. The beginning of the campaign is 475, and the end is already in the 7th century.

6. Ancestors of the Vikings
This campaign gives us the opportunity to play for just one faction - the Union of Utah and the Saxons. We have to create a new state through looting and robbery. The conditions of victory are also extremely hardcore. The gameplay is changed dramatically. The campaign starts in the middle of the 5th century. It is very difficult to play, as the gameplay makes you literally live raids and raids. The Roman Empire falls, around a multitude of emerging barbarian kingdoms. In addition, it is necessary to destroy and blood enemies - Frizov.

7. The Campaign of Odoacra
Perhaps the most successful and historically credible campaign is fashion. We have to play for the Kingdom of Odoacra, founded in 476 year. This is the only faction of the campaign. The beginning of the game in 475, and literally from 1 move it takes to take possession of Rome, which is under the authority of Nepos and his son. In addition, Odoakr already owns vast lands. But the trouble is that you need not only to seize key land, but also to keep them. The uprising in the campaign is not worse than in others.

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Can be used with RS2 Environments pack

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