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An epic clash between ColorZ as the Elements of War evolved over the years...

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EoW theme for those who didn't know:
Crystals fall from the sky turning humans into creatures of two different colors(Perhaps more later, but let's keep it simple for now). The colors hate each other and well, war.

Now, I've got a lot of issues with colors. The idea was simple at first, traditional(?) red vs blue. Time passed and I was getting more into maybe male vs female thoughts. And finally a life vs death concept where the female becomes somewhat mixed and has more control over her mind.

I remember reading a long while back about a study of red vs blue. It turned out over 50% of the time the red team usually won. I also heard a few things about monkies evolving into humans and being able to see the color red was a major bonus. Eating their veggies, better veggies... Go figure. Anyways, one theory is that red is the color of your blood and you'll put forth greater passion into winning.

Some stats I would personally <3 to see is World of WarCraft's Horde vs Alliance. But that has far greater depth than just two colors. I glanced at TF2's stats and they seem kind of even.
A bit lacking, only showing a graph, but whatever.

Moving on like I said I wanted a male vs female'ish concept. I really enjoyed this idea as I thought it could make a lot of sense in the theme. The problem in this case is the game can be single player or multi-player. I didn't want to force a gender lock on the multi-player and I don't wanna do any extra work between the single/multi. Also by adding more than two core colors it would throw off the balance of 1vs1/TeaMvsTeaM. This needs to be rooted IMHO at least for a great while.

ok before I get way ahead of myself let's hault at male vs female. From what I've heard, ages ago, way, way back in time the powers that be decided to pick colors for being male or female. By this time the monkey brains had more thoughts flowing than just eat, drink, poop, sleep, try to avoid death, and yes, get their animal on.

They built on morals, right vs wrong, good and evil, stuff of that nature. Blue was chosen for males I assume. At that time period we didn't really have too many colors to pick from. It seemed accepted that red was evil while white was holy. Perhaps a bit blinded by the light, from the sun. On the other side we had red, fire... Destruction. A bit ironic...

Anyways, red was way too evil for a woman and white far too holy. Now you have to remember at this time males usually had the upper hand on females. This must be around the time the Bible/GoD appeared too. The little I know of the Bible it's kind of all based on males(I think). GoD, Satan, angels all males(?), HeII even a rib ripped from a male to form a female(eh... Just plz no). Which created Adam/Eve, and I never looked into how that other woman came to be(Not to turn this into a Bible story, but was she the "Apple").

Moving along using white made females too close to GoD(Lose male power) and red too close to the Devil(Too much male power). Somehow white/red mixed and all of a sudden pink was revealed. Perhaps one of the strongest, if not the strongest colors to humans because it's so connected with being female'ish and because it contains red(We can see it, it's blood. Although I'm pretty sure orange is the most visible to humans).

At that time I really thought about the male vs female of being green vs pink. Two very cool and epic colors, but I felt pink too incredible for its own good. Somehow locking the theme/game into once again a gender issue. Also pink was close to red, one of the base colors decided on the theme from the early days. Besides pink I was always interested in orange and it went well with green(I guess I'm gonna say HL:Opposing Force, but I didn't even touch the multi-player except a few times). Yellow/Green is ok too, but yellow is bright...

Yadda Yadda Yadda somebody smack IceIYIaN already and tell him about Age of Empires/RTS games :P Let's take a step away from the colors and go into other aspects of Elements of War:
At first we got humans.
Team One(Blue) --- Team Two(Red)
Too much crystal and you turn into a zombie. I guess I'mma say pure evil, kill anything, ANYTHING.
You live long enough to control the crystals. Your mind decent enough... You're pretty much a super buffed level 87 boss type, {SKULL}! MA MA MA MONSTER KiLLeR!!!111

Somewhere between all that two other colors come into play. Turning you into more of a Male(Green) and Female(Orange) being. Now it makes sense if the colors merge to just form purple(Not crystal based, but I could care less for purple, sorry my fav turtle) or two other crystals fall at a later time. I'm more for the merge except male/female-green/orange. I'm also getting more and more into the blood sucking/vampire'ish idea for some reason. But zomfg we don't need healing in EoW. I'm liking this idea only because the two main TooNz of EoW are vegetarians.

So after typing all this I think I really like the idea of being blue/green, blue/orange mixed on the creature or red/green, red/orange...

ok... Yeah. zomfg... IceIYIaN's WaLL of TexT CritZ aLL n00bZ f0r OVER 9,000!!!!111


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