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Looking at the Elements in Lithic and how they will affect gameplay

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“The High-Elemancer Naardi wrote on Magic in its four base forms of Fire, Earth, Air and Water - claiming that these are the building blocks with which all life is created. Naardi had accomplished research on the interactions between the elements and concluded that with enough careful concentration entire solar systems and indeed living creatures could be shaped from combining these components. Naardi also makes extensive notes in this same research of the physical dangers associated with attempting this inter-elemental fusion and the moral implications of toying with the fabric of life. It was from this research that our current scientific and social goal was born.”

– Archivist Ultar, The Birth of Modern Scientific Society.

Hey folks, Jon here and this week we're taking another look at magic in Lithic, more specifically the elements, the abilities they grant and what they are in regards to Lithic's Story. As covered in a previous blog, Magic is the prime element in Lithic, the life-force of the universe – it is also inherently destructive. The four composite elements (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water) can be shaped into restorative and destructive spells, forming a sort of yin-yang of power. Each Element covers “domains” which we've used to derive spells from. Please bear in mind reading forward that the actual spells and their effects are not set in stone yet and may change substantially before release.

The element you chose at Tribe creation grants 3 spells, in addition to the one granted by your spirit animal (Detailed here)a spell which allows you to directly possess a tribe member and one that allows you to summon your Spirit Animal into the world. This totals six spells available, the Elemental ones we current have planned are detailed below along with a bit of information about the element they are granted by. Each Element has an Single Target spell, Environmental spell and a Cataclysm Spell.

Fire is primarily a destructive element, but it also grants warmth and is a symbol of rebirth for many.

Frenzy/Immolate – Single target, context sensitive.
Targeted on a friendly tribe member, this spell sends them into a fit of rage, granting them a massive boost to their Rage and Morale in combat. They are more likely to shrug off damage whilst frenzied. When cast on a hostile target it causes them to burst into flame, inflicting damage over time.

Heat Area – Environmental, Zone-Wide
Increases the temperature of target zone, making cold zones comfortable to live in or making a temperate zone uncomfortably warm, increasing the rate of dehydration for characters and animals inside it.

Firestorm – Cataclysm – Zone Wide
Whips up raging wildfire in a target zone which destroys gatherable objects and severely damages any characters and animals unfortunate enough to become caught up in it.

Earth holds domain over growth and nature. It also represents strength and hardiness.

Bolster/Entangle – Single target, context sensitive
When cast on a friendly target, grants them a boost to their constitution, allowing them to shrug off infection and disease and survive wounds that would otherwise slay them. When cast on an enemy, they are grasped by roots, rendering them incapable of movement for a period of time.

Rapid Growth – Environmental, Area of Effect
Causes 1-3 edible plants to spawn and rapidly grow in target area.

Earthquake – Cataclysm – Zone Wide
Summons an earthquake in target zone, potentially damaging animals and characters and destroying built structures.

Represents cleansing, healing and clarity.

Heal/Drown – Single target, context sensitive
This spell heals a friendly target's wounds or can be used on an enemy target to cause them to choke and suffocate for a period of time, dealing permanent damage to their constitution.

Create Spring – Environmental, Precision target
Summons a water source at target location, the water source persists indefinitely.

Drought – Cataclysm, Zone Wide
Drains all water from the zone, quickly removing all water sources and destroying all plant life shortly afterwards. Persists for a moderate amount of time.

Represents vision, speed and passage.

Haste/Slow – Single target, context sensitive
Greatly increases a target friendly character's speed for a short period, or slightly reduces an enemy's for a long period of time.

Wind Wall – Environmental, Area of effect
Summons a huge wall of hurricane force winds, rendering the target area impassable and throwing all targets caught in the area of effect to the ground dealing huge damage to them.

Tempest– Cataclysm, Zone Wide
Summons a terrible storm in the area, dealing huge damage to characters struck by lightning and slowing movement in the area to a crawl. Persists for a moderate amount of time.

So there you have it, a quick look at what we have planned for the spells in Lithic. It's worth reiterating that these are very much a work in progress, so as the ideas will likely persist, their implementation could change. As always if you have any questions, post them onto our Forum.

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