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The main things that were improved/added : ability crafting, level gaining, improved abilities, saving feature, dodging and defense, sounds, continuous damage and effect.

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elementria - demo v0.51

Well here is the final demo. wanted to release a normal working version instead of many small updates. Lots of things added :

* level gaining : you can now gain level for your character and level for the elements you use. its a cool algorithm in which the more elements you use to attack enemies the more level you will gain for those elements instead of using only one element each time. each element have a medal symbol indicating the level of the element. the bigger the level, the less mana it takes to use it and the more damage it has. you can check levels info in the info menu in the game.

* ability crafting : basically you can combine elements and abilities to create sort of like weapons that you can use.for example: you can combine water+beam to create a water beam or ice+fists to create ice fists that you can punch enemies and freeze them (its easier if you used a water ability on them soaking them in water) , or aura+poison that creates a ring that damage close enemies with poison.that attack is used by the zombies. you cant create each ability combination you want. for example you cant create water+fists, that doesnt make sense toomuch, so there are some abilities you cant create and use.

* improved abilities : abilities behaviour is changed and improved. new abilities : thrown spray(kinda like a shotgun) and aura (you cast it once and it damages close enemies to the player). also poison element was added. you can create jet and aura abilities with it for now.

* dodging and defense : you can avoid attacks with dodging by pressing space bar. beware though because dodging takes energy(the yellow bar). over defense options you have against enemy attacks are teleporting (the purple thing which is the teleport ability), or hiding behind different types of enemies or object to use as shields. other elemental shield abilities are to be added for later updates..

* saving feature : saves the levels and waves passed by the player each time the player exits and reloads it on game load.

* continious damage : this thing is the continious effect some elements have on entities in the game. like if you use water against an enemy, it will quickly be soaked in water in which then you can switch to electricity or ice elements abilities and freeze or electrify them. if you try to freeze for example without the entity soaked in water, you will have a harder time doing that.

* teleport and secondly abilities : nothing new. just wanted to remind people about it since some ask what is that weird purple ability thing. you just pick the purple thing throw it with left mouse click without releasing the left mouse, and when it got to the desired location you press right mouse click. you can do that with other abilities as well. press left click and without release press right click, or press right click and without release press left click to use secondly abilities.

* sounds : some sounds added. pickup potions sound, thrown ability sound, dodge sound,freeze sound, electricity sound, fire sound. some sounds are missing because i didntfind the right sounds i wanted to use but now the game is not completely mute.

* water : you can now walk in water and so do other enemies. when the player(or an enemy) in water he becomes immediately soaked in water (continious damage) which then you can use freeze and electricity abilities easier.

future features to add:
* resource gathering - you basically mine and gather resources that can serve as ammo for abilities or items the player can use.
* online play - players fighting each other, players complete missions in teams.
* more rpg like features - like completing missions, adding levels by fighting monsters but do it with more action in fighting monsters instead of just clicking on them once and spamming abilities on them like they do in many rpgs.

* shield, armor, explosions, traps type abilities to add.


Was so hoping this was a multiplayer RPG

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