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KGstudios will be announcing the demo release for element187 soon also join the KGnetwork on facebook If you are a PS3 user or a PSN user please take a look we will be explaining what has happened with the PSN network (If you do not know what has happened yet)

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Hello all in this update we will be just telling we will be annouceing when the demo for element 187 will be done and explainging what has happend to the PSN network but first please join us on facebook.

Hello element187 followers i bet you can not wait for the demo of element187 well we will be announcing the demo release of element187 very, very soon please keep following us on facebook and on we will be announcing when we will be releasing this Extremely soon well on the 1/05/2011 we are going to announce the demo we can not wait.

We got the main ship done (Note the pictures we shared are no longer the ship we scratch that and remade it.

We remade the whole AI system of the KGgameker JUST for this game.

We will have the music for the game pretty soon and much more please stay with us for updates.

Now what we think is very important to ALL PS3, PSP and PSN users as you may know the Playstation network is offline this is because there was a recent HUGE hacking going on and sadly over 70 milloin users personal details have may of been stolen so we are here just to give you a few safety tips.

If you have put your credit card details on the PSN (for buying at the store and things like that) then please keep checking you bank account just in case any money has been taken out with out your permission please ask your bank to reject any withdraws from you bank account.

DO NOT open any strange emails or spam emails (There may be scams).
DO NOT open any mail.
Report any withdrwas from you bank account you know that should of never happend.

If you have any question about element 187 or about the PSN network please do so.

You can drop in on the KGnetwork here

Or come to support at

Visit the host3kg forums at

Send a email to

Or just comment here

For more info please visit

Please note we have nothing to do with Sony, PSN, PS3, PSP or any of the sony departments we just care about your online safety.
We Thanks you

THE KGteam

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