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New patch for the Elder Kings mod released fixing numerous bugs, now comes with less sparkly sparkly.

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Already a new year and we're pushing out our first version. This is basically just a collection of bug fixes for the most critical issues in 0.1.4a and the addition of more fleshed out portraits for the Khajiit.

Elder Kings 0.1.4b Self-Installer
Only the 64bit self-installer is available at the moment. ETA on the Zip archive is 2.1.2014.

- [Added] More fleshed out Khajiit Portraits.
- [Fix] Mane trait missing description.
- [Fix] Various localisation issues.
- [Fix] Rule by Might no longer overwrites Temple/City Succession Laws.
- [Fix] Baroness of Wayrest incorrectly set as a man.
- [Fix] Pyrrahn no longer incorrectly set as a Republic.
- [Fix] Missing Barony name in Simia.
- [Fix] Missing Edict Icons.
- [Fix] Missing Runestone decision icon.
- [Fix] Tamwell duplicate entry causing holding problems in Argonia.
- [Fix] Slave Rebellions misfiring and having no effect.
- [Fix] Holding a Summer Fair or other seasonal event will no longer lock you out of holding more of them in that character's lifetime.
- [Fix] Economy Techpoints going into the negative.
- [Fix] Cultural retinues no longer available to all cultures.
- [Fix] Small Knightly Order now reports the correct tech requirement.
- [Fix] Vampire event "loop" error corrected.
- [Fix] Vigilants of Stendarr adding a holding to an already full province.
- [Fix] Disappearing Necromancer trait (related to borked potential conditions).
- [Fix] Empire of Tamriel defaulting to agnatic gavelkind upon creation.
- [Fix] Appointing Republic Heir not functioning correctly, causing game-over if you lose republic elections or your initial patrician ruler dies.
- [Fix] Numerous minor event syntax issues.
- [Tweak] Vampire fertility has been reduced temporarily while the system is being rewritten.
- [Tweak] Vampire "turning" has been greatly reduced.
- [Tweak] Yokudan Empire and Empire of Tamriel, as well as a few other realms, have had their colours adjusted to be less similar.
- [Tweak] AI will suffer marginally less Warlord Uprisings than previously.
- [Tweak] Mer lifespans have been adjusted, more should now survive into their 300s

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