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Been working all day getting this done, with a video to show you all the basic layout of what I have been doing.

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I will better this script and make it more advanced at a later date, there is just more important things that need to be worked on at this time. Depending on the item, and it's value, you will get money, and xp for this, and it will level up your looting level, which in turn, effects what item's you will be able to buy off the black market, and what price you will have to pay. (For instance a person of low level, will not know a good price of a pistol is $150, therefor the black market marketer will overprice an item.) After we make a inventory system, the automatic selling will be removed, and you will have to sell them manually.

Ranking/Level System:

The ranking system will be very in-depth, Med crafting will have its own Level system, leveling it will give additional benefits, Killing will also have it's own leveling system, (Still working on how that will come into play.) And as you can see looting has it's own system, I plan to have a big leveling system, which will be fun to work at leveling everything.


Crafting will be a huge part as well, making meds,barricades,guns, and a whole lot more, I plan to keep a lot of it a secret for now, Don't want to put all our eggs into one basket.

New Box Art:

New awesome box art was done by Part Dara (Skype Name). Was contacted earlier today and was totally surprised on seeing Dara made this awesome boxart, Already making an awesome community as user's are pitching in and helping the process go smoother.

The Video you all want to see.

We got a lot more amazing features we added to the main city, and a lot more awesome things to come that we are currently working on, mostly Myke is working on them, as Modeling is his expertise, Today we made some amazing breakthroughs and I hope we can stay on this track, and provide more amazing progression.

Screenshots coming tomorrow, Probably not doing a video, but will bring some awesome screenshots.

Hope you all have an amazing time, and are enjoying watching the progression of Early is the Night.

P.S There are a few bugs if you notice them in the video with the crafting and leveling, I will fix them when I get more time.

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