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The newest version, 1.2, has been released for Eight Hours - a game by Troll Purse.

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Eight Hours v1.2 by Troll Purse (UPDATED)

Eight Hours by Troll Purse v1.2

If you haven't tried it already, Eight Hours now has more reasons for you to enjoy it. It is Halloween time and have we got a Horror game for you! Take on the role of Bob Norm - Paranormal Investigator. Plus, with the version 1.2 update, we have more gameplay features and more excitement!

Version 1.2 contains a bug release and two new features that will knock your pants off!


We have fixed a bug contained a glitch in the AI logic for Entities when they would hunt you down. This has been fixed, and now the game is more frightening that ever!


We also added the ability to actively capture the in game EVPs. Now you must walk to an area where you suspect there to be paranormal activity and turn on your EVP audio capture device (Hold [RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON] by default). This will enable a time span in which you will be able to capture paranormal voices speaking to you. Also, need we remind you that ALL the Electronic Voice Phenomenon captures within this game are sourced from REAL WORLD EVP CAPTURES from LOCALLY KNOWN PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS!? How energetic to say the least!

The final feature update is twofold. These updates include changing the controls for placing EVP Nodes (which will are renamed to REM pods) and the audio they play when an entity approaches. The REM pods may now be picked up and placed with the same command key ([LEFT MOUSE BUTTON] by default). The audio used for detecting approaching entities has been updated to an appropriate sound. We also kicked up the detection radius.

We are so excited to finally present Eight Hours to the public via these demo downloads. We are doing an Early Access (a word we dislike using – but gets the point across) release this year with plans to complete by October 2018.


So, what are you waiting for? Why aren't you playing? Scared already? We don't blame you.


The development of this game halted on several occasions due to the psychological impact it had upon members of the team. Want another fact? Members of the team experience a paranormal event during the development of this game. This happened within the very room the game is developed in. OUR DISCLAIMER IN THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME IS NO JOKE! You have been notified.

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