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After about a month after we released Eggy! Run, we looked into player scores (several hundred) and found that the game might be too challenging. The game was intended to be challenging, but in hindsight this may have been a bad idea. Just wanted to discuss some of our lessons learned, as game difficulty is likely something a developer should consider right at the beginning of development.

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So... Eggy! Run is a basic infinite platform runner game. The game was designed to have cute and nostalgic SNES graphics, and it was designed to be challenging. The game has a distance counter system (in meters) which goes up as you avoid obstacles and continue running.

The main challenge to the game is jumping over moving saw obstacles (very fine-tuned to be feasible but unforgiving) and hopping over projectiles fired by chefs that spawn periodically. If you manage to jump on the chef's head (as he flies by) you're awarded with a shield (prevents you from dying on next fatal collision).

Anyways... after a month or so... I noticed that the furthest anyone had run was around 344m. To put this in perspective, the most difficult achievement to attain is awarded for running 3000m (so not really close). I've put up a video demonstrating how someone can run over 1000m in hopes of encouraging people to be persistent... however, not exactly sure if this has worked out, as a lot of people seem to give up. The video is here.

I'll likely keep monitoring these statistics in hopes of finding the sweet spot for difficulty, as I think it is of paramount importance to create a game that is not easy/trivial, but also create a game that doesn't immediately turn people off.

Anyways... if you're interested in taking a crack at this egg running game (no pun intended). You can try it here:

Until next time!

Cheers guys!

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