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Eggy! Run is the first mobile title that was released by DLK Studios. It has been on the Google Play Store for around two weeks. In that time, it has risen to rank 219 on the Play Store list of New Released Free Games. Here are some brief lessons learned.

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DLK Studios has typically strived to design more intricate and complex PC games, but for the mobile market, we thought simple would be better. Based on this decision, we decided to create Eggy! Run, a simple 2D infinite runner game with very slick controls. The game itself was designed to function very similarly to a game like Flappy Bird. Simple controls, simple gameplay, but very challenging.

In retrospect all of these decisions were likely correct, as Eggy! Run has done remarkably well for our first game (judging from what others in the industry have told us). The game has had roughly 500 downloads with a retention rate of 65%. Dont get the wrong impression from this... we're not exactly swimming in bills here.

The second big design decision for the game was to ensure that ads were as non-intrusive as possible. To be perfectly honest we would like to have made the game completely ad-free, but hey devs gotta eat too right? The game itself has no IAPs, and is 100% free. A lot of people seemed to have been really happy about this.

The last lesson learned (and this has been verified by comments via reddit as well) is that people reallz appreciate GPGS implementation. Its so easy to implement and adds a wealth of social features for players to partake in, which in turn definitely helps with player retention.

Anyways, that's pretty much the bulk of what we've gained from our experiences thus far. If anyone is interested in trying out Eggy! Run and providing feedback, we would definitely appreciate it. Right now it is only available for droid devices via the Google Play Store:

Cheers guy! We'll be sure to keep you updated!

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