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We've given our baby the high-res once over before it gets released to the masses.

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Guess what you lucky people have in store? Eggs in Space in high-res glory! We've decided to take a few more days working on the game to get things looking sweet on the iPhone 4.
We've also taken the time to hook up Apple's Game Center, which has helped to push back the release of Eggs in Space by around a week, but it will be well worth it.
Last week Andy got his crayons out and added extra levels of detail to the characters and their surroundings. Looking at Eggs in Space on my trusty old 3G it all looks good to me, but then John parks his iPhone 4 next to mine and this latest version looks good enough to eat.
John hasn't been sat idle while Andy re-creates these now very familiar oval faces - instead John has been playing around with the gameplay. Now the eggs take all sorts of paths around the screen and things have been tightened up so more sprites can appear on screen without things slowing down. This has given the gameplay an injection of action and may even give the impression of AI being present, which of course it isn't.
We've also been toying with the iPad version and it's magic with these new hi-res graphics. We won't be releasing the full iPad-optimised version for at least a month but we're now hooked on seeing the little eggs loom large on the bigger machine. Bring it on!

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