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Hello, denizens of Indie DB! Tonight, our PFX artist, Marcin, is here to show you his fancy particles, and how we can manipulate them in Eden Star.

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Hello again!

We're excited to announce that a couple of our team are flying out to San Francisco next week to show our Pre-Alpha Tech Demo at GDC!

If you’re going there too, it’d be great to meet you!

Playing with Fire

Tonight, our PFX Artist, Marcin has volunteered to show you a few of his fancy particles!

Please be aware that everything you see in the images below is at a very early stage, and all props, PFX, and environments are block-out versions only!

Hello Everybody,

It's Marcin again with quick, but very exciting news. Recently I've had a chance to explore a bit more of what the Unreal Engine 4 has to offer in the world of dynamic particles and I am very happy to tell you that in Eden Star you will be able to interact with the world in some ways you may not have thought of. What I am working on at the moment should allow players to use the RMD not only to push around solid blocks, rocks, and enemies, but also to affect other more dynamic phenomena, such as fire, fog, snow, photon cannon rays of doom... erm ...I get carried away. For more realistic example I want to show you how the Pioneer can play with fire, literally.

There are many different moves that you can perform with your RMD, some of which you probably already know from the Combat Tech Demo. You can push and pull things, throw them around, destroy them, etc. and I want you to be able to see these actions reflected in the reactions of the world around you. On the images here you can see the Pioneer pushing the fire embers away with a quick, forceful blast, attracting them, and even blasting a hole in the wall of flame with the laser.

Those mechanics are not very game-changing, I realise that, but what I am really hoping to create here is a whole other level of immersion, and let’s face it, what are visual effects for, if not the immersion. After all, we probably can’t make it so the embers you blow away can set things on fire…hmm? What do you think? Nah… we probably can’t… or can we?

I hope you are as excited as I am about this. Thanks for reading and see you next time.

- Marcin Dudkowski

P.S. Be careful with fire.

Thanks for reading! If you've got anything you want to say about today's update, or anything else, head over to the forums to talk to the Devs!

As always, if you haven’t already, you can play the Pre-alpha Combat Tech Demo now by pre-ordering Eden Star here!

Only $15 gets you the UE3 Tech Demo and full access to the UE4 based Alpha and beyond!


Need to make a video or gifs to show off the new particles!

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Zumf Author

I know! We didn't have time on Friday, but I'll poke Marcin with a stick to try and get some gifs out of him :)

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Hey, I was ferociously poked with a stick until I made this video: :D


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ghost likes playing with fire

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