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During October, I have fixed hundreds of issues and added few new features! Here are all echoes/dev blogs from October.

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Echo 13

This week I was working on new tutorial.

I haven't finished updating it, because I was busy IRL and also because making tutorial is really hard!
It is so because I need to lock all features except those I want player to do during tutorial.
Also it must be fun, quick and explain almost everything, because I don't want player to be bothered by explanations after tutorial.


​So, yeah, a lot of trouble.
Another thing that gets in a way is my poor programming.
Sector Six is more or less gigantic if tree and when I need to change something, I have to rewrite lots of code.

Anyway, next week I'll probably finish tutorial.
It means that there's nothing much left on my to-do list.
And that means I might release version 0.3.0 this month!

Yesterday I tried playing old Sector Six version.
I was shocked when I realized how much game has improved during those months!
Can't wait to let you guys play monster that is Sector Six 0.3.0!

End of the echo!


Echo 12

This week I have made the huge step towards making war in the Sector Six feel alive!

Usually when you are told in games that there's war going on, it doesn't really happen.
There might be few cutscenes, burning buildings and corpses, but I think it's not enough.

So, I am trying to make war real in Sector Six!

I have already made that missions change status of the region.
For example, if player succeeds to complete mission in Negati region, it changes from besieged to secure.
If player fails to complete mission, region will become occupied.

This week I have added another extremally important feature!
Main enemies of the game - the eight Machines, can now be seen on the Sector Six map, where you choose missions.
Every ten missions completed/failed the Machines will move to other regions.
Secured regions attacked by the Machines will be reduced besieged, besieged to occupied and occupied regions will be destroyed!


​That means that the conflict is no longer set just by the dialogues and cutscenes, it's actually happening and it changes gameplay!

It's not that impressive yet, but I can improve it so much!
For example, I can make that if the Machine enters secure region, special world siege mission appears.

In future player will want to have as much secure regions as possible, because there will be shops, cities and other important facilities.
Also, regions with different status will have different enemies and conditions, so status will really mean a lot.

So, um, that's all for this week's echo, next week I'll probably work on tutorial or something!


Echo 11

Done a lot this week, release day of version 0.3.0 is getting closer and closer!

This week I have...

​Decreased chance of getting higher rarity parts with weapon properties.
Decreased chance of getting part safes from ruins.
Increased amount of XP required to level up.
Changed few achievements.

​Changed basic attack ability, now players will be able to upgrade and downgrade it.
Changed plasma burst ability, now it works like activate weapons ability, just for ion cannons.
Changed aggravating ray ability.


Rebalanced unleash weapons ability.
Rebalanced resurrect armour ability.
Rebalanced immobilize ability.
Rebalanced spoil weakness ability.
Rebalanced plasma wave ability, now plasma waves are faster and not too powerful.
Rebalanced trigger explosions ability.
Rebalanced reap armour ability.


​​Rebalanced ethereal burst ability.
Moved ethereal blast ability to nomad ability page.
Moved plasma wave ability to nomad ability page.
Moved reap armour ability to goliath ability page.
Fixed many minor issues.
Updated projectile sprites.
Added Paradise region background.


Next week I'm planning...

To finish updating abilities.
To fix many small issues again.
To update Sector Six map. I keep postponing this one!


Echo 10

Etalon parts now have super cool names!

This week I have...

Decreased small enemy armour.
Increased large enemy armour.
Balanced part rarity.
Updated enemy AI.
Updated etalon part naming! Now etalon parts have really cool names.

​Changed alloy container refill prices.
Tweaked screen shaking to be more eye pleasing.
Updated Almadi database unlocking animation.
Fixed few issues with new random item engine.
Fixed augment armour ability crash.
Possibly fixed one weird crash.
Done final tweaks to resurrection mission. It's perfect now!

Next week I'm planning...

To write new ability descriptions and update abilities.
To add the Machines to Sector Six map.
To fix small issues.

While not developing Sector Six...

I was playing DarkScape. One does not simply quit RuneScape.
I was playing Guild Wars 2. Toxic spider queen is very annoying.


Echo 9

New region resurrection mission has been implemented!

To complete resurrection mission, player has to destroy 15 ruins, then wait for the Elder Mechanism to resurrect the region.
During resurrection, that takes 60 seconds, player will be constantly attacked by the revenants.
Revenants are new enemies, that explode, if they aren't destroyed 3 seconds after they appear.
And that is not good, because revenant explosions damages player spaceship.
What is the lore behind resurrection, how exactly resurrection works?
First, the Elder Mechanism collects data about what was the region like, before it was destroyed.
Then Mechanism attempts to create exact replica of destroyed region!
The Elder Mechanism is able to recreate entire region with stars, worlds and life forms.


​Other changes.

New music tracks has been implemented.
Screen shaking has been improved.
Fixed quite a few issues with the new item generation engine.


​Next week I'm planning...

To fix small issues.


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