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An introduction from Doomship, de-facto leader of the group, on what Echo Productions is and what we do.

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Hello there, fellow Red Alert 3 fans to what I hope to be is... Well, we barely know what were doing. Guess that's the first first step in any development process. Anyway, for those that have been following us, I guess you better know what Echoes Productions is. Well, we are a group of beginners to modding, inspired(for lack of a better term) by Open Sketchbook's Red Alert 3 Paradox mod. What started as a simple list of barely conceived lists for "fan-factions" has turned into an ambitious project, to say the least. Though most of our stuff in conceptualization(our total faction list is still in debate, though I assure you it will be unusually large).

I created this Dev Diary to track my experiences leading the group, in hopes that maybe you or other modders can learn something from this. I will be updating irregularly, but I will not abandon this project without notice(we even have 5 models up, so that's something to show). I hope this will be an informative(and less formal, this is getting on my nerves) Dev Dairy. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask in the comments section. So, until then, this is Doomship signing out.

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