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My plans for Sector Six in 2018! Leaving Early Access, story missions, Broken Infinity, and relics!

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2017 was a year of difficult advancement!
There were many tough phases both in my life and Sector Six development, but I have pushed through and now I'm feeling stronger than before.

Sector Six has been under harsh criticism several times this year - both direct and indirect.
I have used that criticism to take a better look at my game and improve it further.

After region rework, a new tutorial, better loot and graphical combat improvements, Sector Six is a much better game than it was at the beginning of the year and I am really proud of that.

Another thing that I am proud of is how much hours I've invested in Sector Six this year.
I've never developed this hard before.

Here's what updates hit Sector Six in 2017:

January 18
Controller support beta, and miscellaneous fixes

February 20
Secure regions, trading, and alloy container rework

March 19
New abilities and enemies, city improvements, new game+ and full controller support

May 23
New side missions and achievements

June 27
Part sets and the item update

July 8
New tutorial

August 12
Titan class

September 26
Final combat update

November 18
Region rework

December 19
New story missions

After all these big updates, Sector Six is 88% complete!

In 2018 Sector Six will be completed and will leave Early Access!

This is what I need to do to finish Sector Six:

Remaining 6 story missions
I'm not counting story mission VIII because it needs few more hours of work until it is ready to be released =]

Unique, build-defining parts that Sector Six always needed!

Broken Infinity
The ultimate endgame area!
It will feature chained missions with the Machine boss to defeat at the end of each chain!
Mission chain rewards include relics!

Save system rework
You will have more save slots and will no longer need to manually save!
This update will allow me to add permanent death mode!

Relics, Broken Infinity, save system rework and story mission XIV will come in one, final Early Access update.

After Sector Six will be released, I will continue updating it to fix glitches and add more content.
Although I will only add additional content if there will be a demand for it.

Possible post-release content:

Tombworld of Hate raid
Raids in Sector Six will be like long story missions, similar to story mission V.
They will have bosses and will give relics as a reward.
They will also be non-linear and difficult as hell =]

Nomad class
The most complex and powerful class!

Two new bosses for boss missions
Comes with new minions!

Omni amplifiers
Amplifiers that double the power of a part!
Obtained by collecting fragments from side mission rewards.

Variety packs
These small updates will add new minions, new side missions, new relics, new achievements and new ruin types.

So, yeah, 2018 will be pretty epic =]

Have a good year everyone!

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