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Preparation for translations is done, moving on to final combat update!

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It's been two weeks since the last echo.
I skipped one because there was no news - I just finished preparing the game for translation and that alone is not enough for the echo.

But now I have a lot of news!

First of, Carrier class is now complete!
I've added last two abilities - Ionize and Awakening Of Inner Power.

This is what Ionize does:

IONIZE 2017.09.11.png

The passive effect is a thing, that solved the ability point problem!

All abilities except already passive abilities, now have a passive effect.

Apocalypse abilities give +2% damage per ability level.
Titan abilities give +2% armour per ability level.
Carrier abilities give +1% damage and +1% armour per ability level.

I have also changed Aggression, Resistance and Capacity passive abilities.

Aggression now gives +1% damage and +1% ether per level.
Resistance now gives +1% armour and +1% phase break damage per level.
Capacity now gives +1% damage and +1% armour per level.

The Capacity effect is identical to Carrier class passive effect, so I might change it later.

Another change to passive abilities is that parts no longer increase Aggression, Resistance and Capacity levels.

Instead, parts may come with "+5% ether" and "+5% armour".
It should be a lot easier to understand than, for example, "+5 levels to Capacity ability".

To mitigate extra damage your spaceship gets from passive effects, parts now give less damage.
E.g.: Generic part will now have "+5% damage" instead of "+10% damage".

Anyway, with Carrier class complete, I only need to make one more ability for Apocalypse class to finish it.
I have already added Rapid Fire Mode, so now it's time for Cataclysm.

And new modifications.
And exploit fixing.
And other stuff!

Should be fun, the update might be ready by the weekend!

Until next time.

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