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Week two of Titan class development! Two abilities to go!

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Week two of Titan class development!
Two abilities to go!

Last week I have implemented two more abilities:

Entropic Missile

It's a very simple ability.
It creates a single missile that deals really a lot of damage.
It breaks through minion armour.
And that's it.


This one is also very simple but this one has a very interesting effect.
Activating this ability will reduce ether cost of the next ability.
It's not just a nice discount - it allows to use more expensive abilities with Flow Stagnation difficulty modifier enabled.
It's also the only way to use abilities that cost ether while Azimar's Killframe set effect is active.
So many possibilities!
Channel decreases ether cost by 20 at a maximum level.

With 10 Titan class abilities implemented, I only need to implement 2 more!

Here are they:

Black Rain

This ability will cause black rain, which is when shards of metal are falling from the sky!
Well, when you're in that weird, cloudy outer space of Sector Six, it's a bit different, but the result is the same - lots of damage!

Falling metal shards will deal a certain amount of pylon damage.
To minions AND your spaceship, because rain is rain, it doesn't choose targets.

Black rain will fill the screen with damaging shards for 8 seconds, so only way to prevent damage to your spaceship is to put a Super Shield on your ship.
That's how Stable Shield is called now.

So ideally you'll be safely staying under the shield while everything else will be obliterated by the black rain!

Guardian Of A Thousand Worlds

It's the ultimate Titan class ability!
It turns your spaceship into Guardian, that regenerates armour at a ridiculous rate, deals increased damage and has 1000 ether.
Unconditionally. Must be exploiting some glitch.
But I'm not brave enough to question Guardian's ways!

Anyway, I wasn't only just adding new abilities, I have also done some changes to old abilities.

Projectiles created by Shards Of Chaos ability now break through enemy armour pieces, so this ability is guaranteed to deal damage now.

Death From Above now releases missiles after a short delay.
During the delay you can see where the missiles will go, so you have time to aim.

Carrier class mines no longer bounce off shields and ruins.
They also deal damage even if they weren't detonated.

There are few more changes, but I'm not going to write about them because you will be able to see them in the game soon!

Until then!

Guardian Of A Thousand Worlds 2017.07.24.png

Guardian Of A Thousand Worlds ability 2017.07.23.png

New part designs 2017.07.20.png

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