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Titan class is coming to Sector Six soon! I have already added 5 abilities, only 4 to go!

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Last week I have started working on Titan class!
5 abilities implemented, 4 abilities to go!

Titan class is a class that is not very good at dealing damage and removing shields but has powerful defensive abilities.

Titan class spaceships evolved from heavy support spaceships.
When the Machine invasion began, support spaceships were keeping shields up while Apocalypse and Carrier class spaceships were dealing damage.
After support spaceships won several battles because of their superior survivability, they were given even more powerful shields and weapons to become Titan class spaceships.

I've been saving up ideas for Titan abilities, so it's going really well, I expect for Titan class to be out in two weeks.
It would be possible to release Titan class next weekend, but I want to have extra time for testing and various combat improvements, such as Death From Above ability rework.
I will also need to make starter ship for Titan class and adapt tutorial to it.

Anyway, this and previous week I have added these Titan class abilities:

Concentrated Fire
This is main attack ability.
It's the fastest ability in the game, it's cooldown can be as low as 0.2 seconds, because every activation of ability decreases cooldown.
It has a downside - every 100 times this ability is activated, the ability has a long 15-second cooldown.
This gap will be a time for other abilities (including those from other classes) to shine.

Swarm Control
This ability is unique to the game, there was nothing like it before.
It creates a seeking missile for every minion seen on screen and those missiles go through shields, armour and even other minions until they reach their target.
It has a 4-second cooldown, so it's basically Titan class Death From Above.

Searing Beam
This ability creates a piercing beam that lashes minions.
It has a low cooldown and 15 ether cost, so if your ship generates ether quickly, it can be repeated often, unlike laser abilities of Apocalypse class.

Stable Shield
It's the strongest shielding ability in the game.
It's duration increases with ability level and at maximum ability level, it reaches 8 seconds!
With 14 second cooldown, it covers your spaceship more often and longer than other shielding abilities.

Creation of Energy
The ability that generates ether is finally here!
Break fundamentals of the Universe by downright creating ether out of nothing!
This is the first of many abilities that will encourage the use of giant spaceships.
When upgraded to max level, Creation of Energy creates 1 ether per part attached to your spaceship.
It has a 30-second cooldown, so you won't be able to completely rely on it to get ether. Unless your spaceship is like, really big.
Creation of Energy is immune to Flow Stagnation.

You can check out full ability descriptions and testing video below.

I hope you're as hyped as I am about Titan class!
Until next time!







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