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Sector Six is scaring away players! It needs a better spaceship building tutorial.

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'Ello all! I've just watched a streamer play Sector Six.
I didn't watch the whole stream, but I got the important message. Sector Six is too hard!

What happened during the stream probably happened a lot of times before.
I've got comments and reviews saying that Sector Six is challenging, but that is good and so I didn't do anything about it.

If you played Sector Six and it seemed too hard/grindy/slow, I am very sorry!

It was never meant to be grindy or challenging unless the player really wanted it to be.
On the surface, it's a very easy and basic game.


What happens when players get Sector Six and start playing it?

They build an imbalanced ship, that doesn't have enough weapons and go to destroy some minions.
It's not that bad at first.
But they eventually level up, enemies get stronger.

Players add more parts that don't really help them.
Spaceship building mistakes start stacking up and turn fast, explosion filled combat into a slow nightmare.

Enemies take minutes to kill, the player loses several times, loses an alloy container, not even an easy mode helps at this point.

If I had to guess, this happens most of the time.

I've put a lot of warnings, there are ability descriptions and item tooltips.
And yet it keeps happening.

Players seem to understand how combat works.
They are able - even if not that well - to use shields, dodge bullets, activate abilities, repair armour with alloy container.


Players handle combat pretty well. There's a combat tutorial that quickly explains how to fight.
Players don't understand how to build a good spaceship. There's spaceship building tutorial-

Oh, right.
There's no spaceship building tutorial.

I mean, why would there be a tutorial, if to build a basic, good spaceship player just needs to add a lot of weapons to it?

Apparently, I was wrong and Sector Six needs an extended tutorial to also cover spaceship building.

I believe that right now Sector Six scares away most of the players and they never get the awesome experience that I spent years to create.

That needs to be fixed as soon as possible!

The UX team will have to work overtime to-


Anyway, since I'm already writing the echo...

The last item update is almost here!

New properties and their effects have been implemented, advanced part management is working perfectly, set effect are ready to change gameplay forever...

The new spaceship building tutorial will be the next update, right after the item update.

Until next time!

PS.: I've made a new trailer:

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