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This was another great week for Sector Six!I've done a lot of progress and made few important decisions. Seven part sets have been implemented and are ready for release!

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This was another great week for Sector Six!I've done a lot of progress and made few important decisions.
Seven part sets have been implemented and are ready for release!

But first, about the big decisions!

Right now Sector Six is unpopular.
I don't make many sales and that makes my life and game development rather difficult, so I need to increase sales.

Sector Six is in Early Access and that scares away a large part of buyers, so I need to get the game out of Early Access as soon as possible.
That means I have to finish Sector Six faster.

To do that I need to cancel some of the planned features.
Or even better - put some features aside and implement them after the game is finished and out of Early Access.

Postponed: The Router and unlinked regions

It would be a nice addition to the game but is not necessary for the game to be finished.

Postponed: Nomad class

Sector Six will leave Early Access with 3 classes instead of 4.
Postponing nomad class will make Sector Six release earlier by a good few weeks.

Postponed: Endgame update

Permanent death modes, creative mode, new game+ expansion, loot options, boss replaying...
All these features would take a lot of time to make and they would be used only by a few players, because of how unpopular Sector Six is, so I will wait until I have more players who can access these features before working on them.

Canceled: Part crafting

Part crafting was a feature I've always wanted to see in the game, but after adding cities, I have realized that there is no place for item crafting in Sector Six.
Item management in Sector Six is already very time consuming and crafting would make it even worse, so in a way, it's even better to have no crafting.

Canceled: Ability unleashing

I have really tried to make ability unleashing work well, but it's just impossible.
Without ability unleashing, I will be able to make abilities better because I no longer need two versions of the same ability - normal and unleashed.

With these questionable features out of the way, here's what I need to do before I can say that the game is completed:

The last item update
Part compression update
The boss update
The last combat expansion
The last boss update
The remaining story missions

The list has become nice, thin and doable!
Now I will be able to finish Sector Six in a few months and finished game will be polished to perfection!

Anyway, enough about the future.

As I have mentioned, I have implemented all part sets I wanted.
In the previous echo, I wrote about adding five part sets, but I added two more, so now there are unique 7 ways to build your spaceship!

Implementing sets was rather easy, except for Cor's Voidshape.
I had to find a way to merge parts of the spaceship into one image to make spaceship transparent.
That took me about 5 hours!

Next week I will implement new part properties:

+x levels to EMP Grenade ability
+x levels to Shards of Chaos ability
+x levels to Resurrect Armour ability
+x levels to Assemble Obelisk ability
+x% chance to cause white wave
+x% chance to cause red wave
+x% chance to cause black wave

Waves will be caused on an enemy kill.

The white wave will jam enemies.
The red wave will cause damage over time.
The black wave will destroy enemy segments and deal some damage to them.

Waves will help to defeat enemy groups because one destroyed enemy might cause a wave that will jam or damage other enemies.

Only mythical and etalon parts will have wave chance properties and only etalon parts will add levels to abilities.
That should make high-grade parts even more interesting!

After new properties are implemented, I will work on part filtering, the last thing on my list. Then I'll just need to fix few new glitches, run few tests and the new version will be ready for an update!

So, that's the news.
Until next time!

More improved set screen 2017.06.04.png

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